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Enhanced Protection for People on the Move: Integrated Vehicle Safety Technology from ZF

  • ZF enhances safety and comfort for manual, assisted, and automated driving
  • The world’s first pre-crash protection system with an external side airbag can help reduce side impact intrusion by up to 40 percent
  • Active and passive safety technology to better protect vehicle occupants and other road users

Friedrichshafen / Klettwitz (Germany). For ZF, safe mobility means helping to protect road users as effectively as possible both inside the vehicle and in its surrounding area utilizing newly developed and enhanced comfort and safety functions. Examples include “Automated Front Collision Avoidance” for automated departure from a lane in emergencies, or the world’s first pre-crash protection system with an external side airbag.

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Enhanced Protection for People on the Move: Integrated Vehicle Safety Technology from ZF

Safety technology from ZF can help to prevent accidents and, when a collision is inevitable, to mitigate its consequences. This applies to manual, assisted, and automated driving. ZF Group offers the most comprehensive portfolio of all automotive suppliers to help achieve this – comprising sensors monitoring the vehicle exterior and interior, powerful signal processing, actuator systems for vehicle motion control and occupant safety systems.

Advanced assistance systems are designed to relieve the workload for drivers, actively prevent accidents, and save lives. This starts from getting into the car, with an active buckle lifter seatbelt system making it easier to fasten yourself in, then ensuring that the seatbelt fits safely and comfortably. During standard driving situations, ZF systems allow the driver to operate the vehicle in a relaxed manner while enhancing safety during critical driving maneuvers. This is especially true of transition scenarios between automated and manual driving modes. “Our interaction concept places the person center stage, and fosters simplicity”, states Uwe Class, Head of Safe Mobility Systems, an Advanced Development department.

Automated negotiation of a danger area

In highly dynamic driving situations such as emergency braking or emergency avoidance maneuvers, high-performance driver assistance systems are there to help. For example, the “Automated Front Collision Avoidance” system can automatically perform avoidance maneuvers when manual braking or evasive action in the face of oncoming traffic fails to take place in time. Here, the Driver Assistant system evaluates whether emergency braking is still possible and whether there may be free space available for an evasive maneuver.

More crumple zone during a critical side-impact collision

Accidents cannot always be avoided and side impact collisions can be particularly dangerous for vehicle occupants. Roughly one in three fatalities in Germany in passenger car accidents are caused by the lack of crumple zone in this area, compared to, for example, a head-on collision. The world’s first pre-crash occupant protection system with an external side airbag is capable of reducing the consequences of a side impact accident by up to 40 percent. This is achieved by the external airbag creating an additional crumple zone in the door area between the A and C pillars. The system is only deployed if high-performance sensors detect an unavoidable side impact collision and activate the protection system in response.


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