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ZF Aftermarket introduces ZF Bus Connect in North America

  • Digital solution for buses uses vehicle data to increase safety, uptime and efficiency, ultimately reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • ZF Health Check module provides insights for critical systems, turning remote vehicle data into actionable, predictive service-related insights
  • Solution delivers compelling value for multiple aftermarket segments: fleets, service providers and OEMs

ORLANDO, Florida. ZF Aftermarket is introducing its advanced digital solution, ZF Bus Connect, in North America at the 2023 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo in Orlando, Florida. The new digital product provides a cloud-based tool for bus fleets, service providers and OEMs to increase safety and efficiency, improve uptime and decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) by turning remote vehicle data into actionable insights.

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ZF Aftermarket introduces ZF Bus Connect in North America

A robust digital solution for bus fleets, service providers and OEMs, ZF Bus Connect consists of three elements: a small, on-board unit in the vehicle, the cloud, and a web-based portal or mobile app. Users can configure this all-in-one solution as a package, or use their own compatible on-board unit connect to the cloud and access the information via the ZF Bus Connect portal or app.

ZF Health Check, a module within ZF Bus Connect, enables aftermarket providers to identify and address maintenance needs for ZF transmissions, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and minimizing downtime.

“With ZF Bus Connect we are empowering fleets, service providers and OEMs to leverage vehicle data to improve operations, lower their costs and serve customers better,“ said Anuj Gupta, Head of Digital for ZF Aftermarket in North America. “It’s a powerful digital tool that helps users bring greater value to their customers while moving toward a more sustainable model of operations.”

ZF Bus Connect is compatible with city buses and coaches with both electric and combustion engines, or hybrid systems in a mixed fleet. Operators can use it to check every aspect of a vehicle in operation, including its location in real-time, current energy or fuel consumption, battery charge, brake wear, and status of vehicles parts and systems.


As an advanced fleet management tool, ZF Bus Connect addresses three important aspects of operation:

  • Safety: Geofencing and monitoring of driver behavior to detect risks, thereby preventing accidents and protecting against unauthorized operation.
  • Efficiency: Live data evaluation of individual vehicles allows fleet operators to optimize driving and route plans, reducing mileage as well as stops & starts, which improves fuel consumption.
  • Uptime: Predictive remote detection of damage or wear and tear, as well as diagnosis and secure over-the-air updates to reduce unplanned downtime. Improved vehicle maintenance also contributes to safer operation.

Together, these aspects can have a significant impact on reducing TCO.

Service providers

With easy-to-install onboard units, ZF Bus Connect equips service providers with early warnings and insights into potential issues and maintenance requirements. This gives maintenance shops the information they need to serve their customers proactively, creating opportunities for stronger customer centricity and captivity.


For original equipment manufacturers, ZF Bus Connect addresses the need to deploy new, advanced technology and to offer customers a dedicated connectivity platform. Continuous high-frequency or event-based data logging and storage can provide transparency and rich insights to optimize performance and unlock new value.

ZF’s Bus Connect was recently named a finalist for the Technology Innovation Award from MEMA’s Business Technology Council, the aftermarket’s leading business technology forum. The award recognizes companies in North America whose innovations advance the aftermarket.

For more information about ZF Bus Connect, visit ZF Bus Connect - ZF


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