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ZF Orchestrates New People Transportation Service in Switzerland

  • ZF’s SCALAR will seamlessly orchestrate Mobility’s new fully electric ‘i&any’ ride-pooling service in Zurich
  • SCALAR will use AI based automated dispatching and optimization to enable i&any to offer a sustainable alternative to private car use within city centres
  • Providing advanced Software-as-a-Service capabilities, the new solution will enable fully automatic and live planning, routing and scheduling

Friedrichshafen, Germany. ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division has announced a partnership with Switzerland-based car-sharing company Mobility. Mobility is introducing an innovative pooled and on-demand people transportation service, under the ‘i&any’ brand, in Zurich. Their fully electric ride pooling fleet will be powered by ZF’s advanced SCALAR fleet orchestration platform providing advanced Software-as-a-Service capabilities. The new solution will optimize i&any’s operations, enabling fully automatic and live planning, routing and scheduling. ZF’s SCALAR will enable seamless, convenient, personalized and sustainable on-demand travel.

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ZF Orchestrates New People Transportation Service in Switzerland

“Underpinning Mobility’s innovative i&any on-demand ride service, ZF SCALAR’s intelligent end-to-end systems will powerfully ‘orchestrate’ the whole passenger transport process,” said Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, Head of Digital System Solutions with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division. “In partnership with i&any, ZF is fully committed to enabling a new generation of people mobility services that sustainably complement public transportation systems using fully electric vehicles.”

“The i&any service offers a sustainable and flexible mobility option in the gaps of public transport. Through this offer we especially want to encourage car drivers in urban city centers to substitute their private car in favor of shared mobility forms”, added Franziska Schär, Head of Product i&any, with Mobility. “With our eco-friendly electric fleet and strategic collaboration with ZF, i&any will improve the quality of life in swiss city centers.”

ZF’s Digital Fleet Solutions team based in Lausanne, Switzerland, provided a consultancy service that helped Mobility design the service using a virtual environment. Simulating multiple scenarios and evaluating the cost and efficiency of the service in different areas of the city provided valuable insights.

Offering real-time fleet orchestration, ZF SCALAR leverages AI, machine learning and high-performance algorithms to help ensure the right vehicle is sent to the right place at the right time. This will support i&any by optimally allocating new ride requests in the plan of each vehicle. ZF SCALAR’s mobile application will also support i&any’s drivers by displaying live navigation. This will enhance operational safety and ensure the driver does not have to switch between multiple mobile applications while driving.


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