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New TRW PC brake pads combine high ’P’erformance & ’C’omfort

  • Organic base compound with increased carbon content
  • High and constant braking performance with low heat development
  • Ideal brake pad for each type of road use

When it comes to braking, on some motorcycles the twin characteristics of high performance and comfort are hard to reconcile. The latest innovation from leading braking brand TRW neatly solves this problem; its synonymously named Performance Comfort, or PC brake pads, combines both.

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New TRW PC brake pads combine high ’P’erformance & ’C’omfort

Riders of larger choppers and older sports bikes for example, often desire better braking performance than it’s possible to get with standard organic brake pads. When riding through mountainous terrain or taking a quick trip on an older sports bike, standard surfaces can quickly reach their limits. Switching to sintered pads can improve the braking performance of these bikes, but the downside is that the ride can be less comfortable.

The special increased carbon content in the mixture of the TRW branded PC brake pads offers for the first time, the best of both worlds. By ensuring high and constant braking performance with low heat development, the brake hydraulics remain efficient even under continuous stress and fading is avoided. Despite the increased performance, they are still quiet and prevent vibrations. When braking, less brake dust is also released – which protects the environment and keeps the motorcycle clean.

Thanks to the disc-friendly mixture, the pads are suitable for all common brake discs made of stainless steel or cast iron. The NRS system permanently connects the base to the back plate and ensures a constant pressure point up to the wear limit.

The surface is suitable for all types of street machines: from classic naked bikes to custom bikes, choppers and cruisers and also for many older sports bikes.


Press Release


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