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ZF Aftermarket's training program in 2022: more comprehensive than ever before

  • Significantly expanded range of training courses on electromobility, tailor-made for different target groups
  • Practice-oriented training courses are offered in different formats
  • Booking takes place on a new, more user-friendly internet portal

ZF Aftermarket is driving into 2022 with an improved training program comprising of new content and a more user-friendly booking platform. ZF Aftermarket offers training on the topics of driveline, chassis, steering, active safety and e-mobility - both in online format and in classroom training. Workshop operators and employees can get the necessary know-how to help with their everyday work - in a practice-oriented manner, at the highest professional level.

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ZF Aftermarket's training program in 2022: more comprehensive than ever before

Working on electrified cars is now part of everyday life in automotive workshops. Many employees - including those at ZF Aftermarket - have already acquired the necessary qualifications. The Aftermarket’s leading solution provider offers training for all levels of high-voltage competence, up to and including the ability to carry out work on live components.

Now, to keep pace with changing market requirements and to differentiate it within the industry, the company has once again significantly expanded its training program in the field of e-mobility. For example, in 2022 operators or workshop managers of independent workshops will be able to book a place on the training course "Fit for e-mobility as a manager". This course offers: an overview of the operator obligations which must be observed in relation to electric cars; provides tips on all the necessary employee qualifications and at the same time enables participants to complete the high-voltage level 1 training. The reasoning behind this is that even if the workshop owner does not actually carry out the work himself, it is still useful for him to know the most important information on handling e-vehicles and to know which components are better left alone.

Another new addition to ZF Aftermarket’s ZF [pro]Tech program is a training course on the subject of "Brakes and safety systems in e-mobility". This is important because in e-cars, the drive is included in the braking system and braking effect is achieved through the recovery of electrical energy (so-called recuperation). On this course, the participants learn about the special features of brake repairs on hybrid and electric vehicles in the following areas:

  • Interaction of the brake with the adaptive cruise control
  • (ACC), the emergency brake assistant and lane departure warning system
  • Changes in pressure build-up and brake boosting in new vehicles (IBC/EBB)
  • Repercussions of e-mobility on the braking system
  • Design and function of coated brakes and ceramic brakes
  • Innovations and function of the Antilock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Function and troubleshooting of the electric parking brake

But it is not only electromobility that poses new challenges for workshop personnel. Today's automotive mechatronics technicians must have extensive knowledge of electronics in order to be able to diagnose and repair modern automobiles. In line with this, ZF Aftermarket has developed a new basic training course to become a "Vehicle Electrics Expert". It imparts knowledge of control technology, data communication as well as sensors and actuators and their testing.

Naturally, interest in these future-oriented topics is particularly high and there are many courses which deal with them. ZF Aftermarket has the edge as it also offers new training in the classic areas of chassis, steering and driveline.

A clear and easy-to-use online portal is available for booking the training courses, in which interested parties are guided to the most suitable date depending on the training topic and the desired scope. The online training courses are broadcast on ZF's own channel on the video conferencing platform. The dates for the first half of the year have already been set there.

"With our training offer, we are taking workshops a decisive step further towards Next Generation Mobility and the technologies of the future," comments Markus Schmitt, Head of Service and Network Passenger Cars at ZF Aftermarket. "We are pleased that with our wide-ranging training program we can provide automotive workshops with exactly the level of know-how they need to gain a real competitive advantage."


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