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Sachs Torque Converter for 6 HP Transmissions is Newest Addition to ZF Product Portfolio

  • High-quality components for modern automatic transmissions
  • Greater driving comfort and dynamics, reduced fuel consumption
  • Available immediately also for 6HP transmissions

Schweinfurt, Germany. Vehicles with automatic transmissions are preferred in international markets like Japan or the U.S. According to estimates from vdi Nachrichten, a weekly technology magazine, their market share rests at a whopping 90 percent. And at home here in Germany, almost every second vehicle registered up to the end of August 2018 was equipped with an automatic transmission. ZF Aftermarket has kept up with this trend by adding another 20 Sachs torque converters for passenger car transmissions to its diverse OE quality product portfolio.

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Sachs Torque Converter for 6 HP Transmissions is Newest Addition to ZF Product Portfolio

In addition to its extensive portfolio for Mercedes Benz vehicles, ZF is now offering its established Sachs torque converters for 6HP transmissions for vehicles produced by Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Skoda and the VW Group.

“Our torque converters,” says Richard Adgey, head of Product Management at ZF Aftermarket, “are the ideal solution for modern automatic transmissions. The Sachs torque converters are extremely compact, fitting into even the smallest installation space while still offering high performance.” They additionally stand out due to a high hydrodynamic power density and are individually configured for the drivelines of the most diverse manufacturers. They ensure perfect behavior when pulling away – regardless of whether on hilly roads or in stop-and-go traffic – offering optimal driving comfort.

When a Sachs torque converter lock-up clutch is additionally installed, it maximizes the above benefits even more. The torque converter lock-up clutch consists of a lock-up clutch and torsion dampers that together prevent wear and tear during start-up, transfer power more efficiently, reduce power losses and noise and lastly, in the process, improve driving dynamics. The automatic transmission delivers additional driving comfort due to its gentle and smooth gear changes as well as reduced fuel consumption. Because drivers can concentrate more on the road and less on the driving itself, an automatic transmission is also safer.

ZF Aftermarket offers high service quality

The torque converter is an extremely important and crucial component in an automatic transmission. Its job is to handle conventional coupling by separating the engine and the transmission and then reconnecting it. In this process, the pump wheel transfers the engine’s kinetic energy to the transmission by means of an oil flow that is directed through the stator to the turbine wheel. Without this interplay between the above systems, it would not be possible to start the vehicle. To prevent premature wear in the automatic transmission and its components, ZF Aftermarket recommends changing the transmission oil every 100,000 kilometers – ensuring that the Sachs torque converter and safety-related components in the automatic transmission always provide optimal performance.


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