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Sachs cleaning system prevents costly misdiagnoses

  • Contaminated electrical contacts can cause big problems
  • Sachs branded cleaning system contains necessary rings & fleeces for cleaning electrical contact surfaces
  • Professional cleaning can aid fault diagnosis & help prevent unnecessary component replacement

When it comes to vehicle electrics, often something very small can cause big problems. Contaminated electrical contact surfaces can result in problems ranging from difficulty starting the engine, to headlight failure through to sudden noises coming from the dual-mass flywheel (DMF). To counteract this, under its Sachs brand, ZF Aftermarket has developed a practical cleaning system containing all the necessary tools and auxiliary material for workshops to quickly, easily and professionally clean electrical contact surfaces; aiding diagnosis and helping to prevent unnecessary component replacement.

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Sachs cleaning system prevents costly misdiagnoses

Electrical contacts are everywhere within a vehicle; from the battery contacts to the ground connection to the body. Vehicle aging and environmental impacts, such as humidity, can cause oxidation or corrosion of the contacts. The consequences of this can be severe as contaminated electrical contacts can quickly lead to voltage drops due to higher contact resistance. “This means that the conductivity drops precipitously and that electrical components in the vehicle – such as the headlights or DMF – don’t work correctly, and can even fail completely,” explains Richard Adgey, Head of Product Management.

Avoiding costly misinterpretation of causes

Something that is comparatively cheap and easy to fix when it comes to a headlight can turn into an expensive affair with a dual-mass flywheel (DMF). Starting problems, vibrations or unusual noises while driving are often - wrongly interpreted as a component failure leading to replacement when it fact it could simply be dirty electrical contacts. In order to rule out such a costly misdiagnosis, the experts of ZF Aftermarket recommend regular inspection of all electrical contact surfaces in a vehicle and professional cleaning with the Sachs branded cleaning system.

Compact, reliable and practical

The Sachs cleaning system is encased in a compact carrying case constructed from durable, practical material designed to withstand the rigours of daily life in a busy workshop. It contains all the necessary tools and auxiliary material for inspection and cleaning to be carried out quickly, easily and professionally. Workshop partners will find cleaning rings of various sizes and a wide array of high-quality cleaning fleeces for all electrical contact surfaces – even allowing for coated electrical contact surfaces to be gently and reliably cleaned. Flexible extension parts are also included to clean hard to reach surfaces. Another advantage is that individual cleaning system components can be reordered at any time as required.

The Sachs cleaning system is part of a comprehensive portfolio of high quality workshop tools, technical information and practical training from ZF Aftermarket – all of which are available to workshops via its distribution partners..


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