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Electrifying Aftermarket Future

  • Electromobility and digital solutions: The global aftermarket is changing
  • Full solution supplier thanks to joint comprehensive systems expertise
  • Number two in the aftermarket as a result of TRW integration

The merger of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and TRW Automotive has brought together two of the biggest names in the automotive supplier industry. It is expected that this partnership will further increase momentum within the aftermarket by capturing market share resulting from industry growth of connected vehicles. To capitalize on this, the company is positioning itself as a complete solutions supplier by leveraging the power of its joint comprehensive systems expertise. To ensure that new technologies are understood and used to their full advantage within the aftermarket, ZF Services and TRW Aftermarket will work together to offer enhanced training and digital capabilities. ZF Services is offering telematic services and high voltage training in the area of electromobility while TRW Aftermarket has enhanced its digital offering with its new TRW Parts Finder App and by adding the VIN search function to its improved integrated catalogue. .

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Electrifying Aftermarket Future

Since 2012, the number of hybrid vehicles has almost doubled while the number of all-electric vehicles has tripled. Yet the matter of equipping technicians with the necessary training and arming them with the correct qualifications in order to deal with the high-voltage technology included in these vehicles has yet to be adequately addressed.

Workshops must master increasingly complex automotive technology in order to survive and prosper in the highly competitive service market. Training offered by ZF Services holds the key and demystifies high-voltage and hybrid technology. As one of the first suppliers in the market, it is offering workshops, fleet operators, and vehicle and component manufacturer’s three modular training courses on the topic of high-voltage systems using passenger cars, buses, or commercial vehicles as practical examples.

Worldwide service expertise

Helmut Ernst, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ZF Services, emphasizes: “We are setting trends for the future because we understand the automotive aftermarket and its influential factors, and we want the market to understand these new technologies.”

With its broad and diverse product and service portfolio, its 4 200 employees based at 77 locations, and in conjunction with its 650 service partners, ZF Services ranks among the leading service suppliers worldwide and is fully prepared for a networked future. For example, Openmatics its internally developed independent telematics platform, optimizes logistics and service processes, reduces costs, and improves customer service. “The vehicle is communicating and we ensure that it is also understood in the independent workshops,” explains Helmut Ernst.

TRW Aftermarket offers new potential

In the true spirit of a one-stop-shop concept, ZF Services and TRW Aftermarket are offering innovative, integrated solutions to their global customer base and other business partners.

With its innovative and unique product and commercial proposition, the ‘Corner Module’, TRW Aftermarket offers a full service solution for a complex system of parts: brakes, steering & suspension.

Describing how the parts are integrated in the corner of the vehicle and work in perfect harmony to control the transmission of power to the road, the term not only underwrites TRW’s philosophy of ‘safety where you need it most’, but allows customers to deal with just one supplier.

In line with its 2015 strategy of enhancing all communication channels to cater for every requirement, TRW Aftermarket has further enhanced its digital capability. TRW’s integrated catalogue now includes a VIN search function and the business has recently launched a new TRW Parts Finder app for Asia and Europe. As well as allowing access to TRW’s catalogue information on the move, this App can confirm product authenticity via TRW’s TecIdentify system by scanning the 2D label on the packaging.

Alex Ashmore, Vice President and General Manager TRW Aftermarket, says: “With technology driving our industry, we fully support our customers by sharing/providing relevant and timely information through their preferred channels. This places us exactly where the customer needs us.”

With a workforce of more than 3800, TRW Aftermarket operates out of 41 locations worldwide, including 11 manufacturing and testing and has a global workforce of 3 800.

Helmut Ernst emphasizes: “Growth is the driving force behind the TRW integration. With our attractive brands and broad product and service portfolios, we want to successfully grow on a sustained basis, together with our customers.” And Alex Ashmore adds: “With our combined power, we are setting the standard within the automotive aftermarket.”


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