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Higher Performance: ZF Develops new Duoplan Hollow Shaft Drives for Machine Tools

  • The ZF two-speed drive generation with a hollow shaft makes machine tools more effective, efficient, and flexible
  • Two new sizes for stationary drives with high output torque
  • The drives are based upon the innovative design principle of the ZF-Duoplan 2K 150 HS

The requirements for machine tools are continuously increasing: In particular, high performance and a broad range of possible applications are demanded but maximum operating smoothness and a low temperature level remain important features as well. With the Duoplan 2K 150 HS, ZF is already proving how these objectives can be achieved with an innovative high-speed hollow shaft drive. Building upon this, two new drive variants for more powerful machines will now follow.

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Higher Performance: ZF Develops new Duoplan Hollow Shaft Drives for Machine Tools

As a world market leader for two-speed manual drives for stationary applications, ZF has pooled its comprehensive know-how for the new hollow shaft drives from the Duoplan model range. Consequently, the ZF-Duoplan 2K 150 HS that was already presented in 2012 features a top speed of 18 000 revolutions per minute with up to 24 kilowatt (kW) drives with 600 newton meters (Nm) of nominal output torque. Now, two further versions for higher performance ranges are almost ready for the start of production at ZF: The 2K 280 HS/HWG is predestined for up to 44 kW or 1 400 Nm and, thus, scores with a maximum of 16 000 revolutions. In addition, there is the 2K 380 HS/HWG that excels with up to 12 500 revolutions with 60 kW motors or 1 900 Nm engines. The special features of the ZF hollow shaft drives can be attributed to the innovative design for which there is a patent pending: The extremely compact planetary gearset is only active when it is actually required. In the event of high speeds in direct drive (gear ratio 1:1), it remains decoupled which drastically reduces the rotating masses. The resulting advantages over conventional planet or spur gear drives go far beyond high rotation speeds: They range from the short ramp-up times to the excellent efficiency and the low temperature level of a maximum of 37 degrees to vibration values that always remain below one millimeter per second.

In summary, the ZF hollow shaft drives increase the spread between the torque and the speed for machine tools, irrespective of whether they are operated with a DC or AC drive. In doing so, the new Duoplan variants increase the bandwidth of possible applications and consequently improve the workload of each machine. Furthermore, they can be vertically or horizontally docked in a direct manner to highly dynamic spindle motors in a flange design that enable shorter cycle times. For the first time, the ZF two-speed drives are therefore also an option for machines that were previously only suitable for direct drives. A further advantage: The hollow shaft design allows pushrods for release units or even coolants to be passed through the drive. As it is the case with all other products from the Duoplan family, these innovations are also maintenance-free and particularly durable.


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