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Product Innovations for Electro Forklifts

The market leader for Driveline Technology for Electric Counterbalance Fork lifts further optimized its products.

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Product Innovations for Electro Forklifts

GP 15 – GP 25

In the engine-power class up to 2.5 tons vehicles with ZF Driveline systems are achieving the same driving performance as forklifts powered by combustion engine technology. For this purpose ZF could optimize the line for 2-engine drives. These drive train systems are today’s benchmark for efficiency, thus energy performance and noise level. This was tested and approved by independent technical magazines. Any forklift operator appreciates the long service intervals.

ZF ERGOMAT GP 21 has a dual-motor drive system for counterbalance lift trucks with integrated wet-running multi-discbrake. This previous generation of the GP 25 is fully localized in Hangzhou. It meets the requirements of the Asian market with the high quality standards of the worldwide ZF production systems.

GPA 35

This drive axle with 2 integrated high performance motors and integrated multi-disk brake is setting standards in class up to 3.5 tons lifting capacity. Vehicles with GPA 35 are on the same handling capacity performance level than forklifts with IC technology. Efficiency improvements once more lead to a reduced energy consumption and enhanced battery operating distance. The low operating noise of the GPA 35 is already well-known.


The electro-mechanical steering system is soon replacing hydrostatic steering systems for front driven counterbalance forklifts. Main advantages are:

  • Low energy consumption
  • New dynamic safety functions
  • Significantly reduced installation complexity for forklift assembly

We are certain that the steering system EPS3 co-developed with ZAPI will achieve the same success as other ZF product lines.

GK 26 LD

This power train for rear driven 3-wheel counter-balance lift trucks represents the next generation of this configuration within the product line. Noise level, efficiency and service friendliness could again be improved. In such a way this drive system - as the counterparts in storage technology - is operated with life time oil-filling.

The energy efficiency could be improved through:

  • small shaft sealing rings
  • improved and optimized pre-stressed bearings
  • the proverbial ZF gearing quality

GK – line

The same advantages apply for this storage technology systems as for GK 26 LD. With the GK line ZF offers an all-purpose driveline construction kit for this kind of vehicles – all optimized for their individual application demands. For all applications ZF is able to access the optimized engines of well-known producers. ZF has the ability to offer its customers pre-finished and tested drive-line solutions first-hand together with brakes, steering-systems, vehicle adaptation and vehicle integration. The ZF patent hypoid gearing offers the customer an optimum of power (torque capacity), durability and high gear ratio, requiring minimal installation space. In battle for increasing handling capacity more and more customers trust in the unique selling point of ZF.

ZF’s consistent growth exceeds average market growth rates and evidences that more and more sophisticated customers trust in the solutions provided by ZF. Our drives have proven themselves in all applications and all markets.


Gernot Hein

Head of Communication & Public Affairs, Industrial Technology

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Alexander Eisner

Product Communication/Technical Press

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