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Directly More Powerful: ZF Presents Highly Flexible and Efficient Transfer Case for All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

  • As a modular system, ZF’s new VG 750|400 meets the most demanding AWD requirements and it can be connected directly in the vehicle
  • A lightweight powerhouse: Transfer case handles up to 12,500 Nm and 4,500 rpm while weighing just 160 kg
  • Designed for light and medium duty vehicles
  • Additional customer benefits are provided by its high reliability, easy maintenance and the global ZF service network

Friedrichshafen/Shanghai. Impressive reliability with very low weight, high performance and efficiency in compact dimensions, as well as flexible integration and application possibilities thanks to the systems competence of the technology company ZF: Featuring these and other advantages, the VG 750|400 represents the latest innovation in the ZF portfolio of transfer cases for light and medium duty all-wheel drive commercial vehicles.

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Directly More Powerful: ZF Presents Highly Flexible and Efficient Transfer Case for All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

“With the VG 750|400, we are expanding our range of transfer cases to include a particularly versatile product. It offers numerous options and is easy to adapt to almost all light and medium duty all-wheel drive applications and meet special customer requirements,” says Stefan Schnuse, Key Account Manager for All-Wheel Drive Systems and the Marine and Special Driveline Technology Business Unit at ZF.

The VG 750|400 can thus accommodate high input torques of up to 12,500 Nm and maximum engine speeds of 4,500 rpm. This means it covers almost every all-wheel drive application in the low to medium power class. Even with this increased speed level, the transfer case usually does not require additional cooling because it works with low internal friction and is efficient. It lives up to the well-known reliability of ZF transfer cases, even for extreme applications. Nevertheless, it weighs in at just 160 kg – mainly thanks to its aluminum housing and various internal lightweight design features.

Going off-road with modular freedom

One of the great advantages of the transfer case is that it can be easily tailored to a wide variety of vehicle types, drivelines and applications. For example, the VG 750|400 sets the new standard for directly mounted systems. This space-saving expansion option is available on the market together with ZF’s advanced PowerLine and 8HP90SX 8-speed automatic transmissions as well as with other automatic and manual transmissions. In addition, ZF offers its customers the option of choosing between two off-road gear ratios for the VG 750|400. The higher ratio of 2.522 helps vehicles deliver extraordinary climbing ability and it enables the VG 750|400 to achieve an unbeatable spread ratio.

There are also two options available for the drive force distribution: A bevel gear differential splits the torque in a ratio of 1:1 between the front and rear axles, and an optional planetary gear differential in the ratio of 1:2 is also available. The shaft spacing of the VG 750|400 is chosen so that it allows maximum ground clearance when mounted directly to larger main transmissions. ZF also offers an Automatic Drivetrain Management (ADM) system which virtually eliminates incorrect operation of the transfer case, since an electronic system controls the differential lock shifting functions. The standard, integrated oil level sensor makes laborious manual measurements obsolete.

In order to enable vehicles to be parked safely even on steep inclines, this ZF transfer case can be expanded to include a parking brake. There are also options for power take-offs, an emergency steering pump and various flanges, to give a few examples. “Regardless of the respective configuration, all the components and the entire transfer case always work together optimally with the driveline. That’s because the development of the VG 750|400 also incorporated the wide range of systems competence which ZF has as a manufacturer of driveline and chassis technology, among other,” adds Schnuse.


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