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ZF’s Successful TraXon Transmission and the TraXon Torque Extended Model are the First Choice for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

  • ZF’s TraXon is ideal for crane, special vehicles and commercial vehicles, offering more torque and the best possible efficiency
  • Thanks to its modular design, TraXon is suitable for many applications and functions
  • TraXon Torque: Wear-free launch and braking thanks to torque converter clutch

Friedrichshafen/Shanghai. At the bauma China trade fair, the ZF Group was present as a drive specialist for off-road machinery, cranes and special vehicles. The Group was able to demonstrate this expertise with its TraXon automatic transmission, which combines an extremely powerful basic transmission with a modular kit concept. This makes TraXon the perfect choice for manufacturers and operators striving to achieve the greatest possible flexibility and economy for a multitude of applications.

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ZF’s Successful TraXon Transmission and the TraXon Torque Extended Model are the First Choice for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

ZF’s TraXon offers more torque, an optimal gear ratio spread and the best efficiency in its class, thus setting the bar for transmissions designed for cranes, commercial and special vehicles. This successful product boasts an immense power capability with low operating costs, high reliability and efficient fuel consumption.

Efficient basic transmission

TraXon comes with either 12 or 16 speeds – both types are available as direct drive or overdrive models; the latter features a particularly tall ratio in the highest gear. In both models, a very high transmission spread protects against excessive wear. The transmission can transmit torques of considerably more than 3,000 Nm and is therefore also suitable for heavy special vehicles up to 72 metric tons. ZF offers the TraXon with up to four reverse gears which enable longer, quicker reversing for special applications.

Moreover, TraXon features very compact dimensions. In a space-saving design, it combines a splitter group, main group, and range-change group as well as two countershafts and a main shaft.

Ideal for many applications thanks to its modular design

One essential advantage of TraXon is the transmission’s modular design. This enables the basic transmission to be combined with several starting or shift modules, which make the transmission more economical in practice, thus giving manufacturers and operators the best possible flexibility for every application as well as increasing the comfort for the driver.

One example of this is the TraXon Torque variant which integrates a torque converter with a dry clutch as a launch element. TraXon Torque is suitable for particularly challenging loads – such as those handled by cranes or special vehicles as well as heavy-duty transporters with a permissible total weight of over 70 tons. It enables even the highest input torques to be implemented both powerfully and smoothly at the same time. Launching and maneuvering are comfortable when very high input torques are transmitted – without jerking or wear – thanks to the hydrodynamic torque converter. In addition, the TraXon Torque features the ZF-Intarder, a powerful secondary retarder with a braking torque of 4,000 Nm. This offers enormous advantages, particularly for braking maneuvers at speeds higher than 25 km/h, compared to conventional primary retarders.

Another option is ZF’s engine-dependent PTO, PowerDivide. This is installed between the transmission and vehicle engine following the sandwich principle and is especially attractive for commercial vehicles where the auxiliaries require very high torques regardless of the vehicle speed – for special fire trucks, mobile cranes, and concrete pumps, to name a few examples.

Additional functions thanks to the software platform

ZF engineers have developed a standard software platform for the transmission control unit that can be used in all TraXon variants. It relies on a multitude of sensors to, for example, determine the incline or direction of rotation at which the innovative additional functions are implemented.

The predictive, GPS-based driving strategy PreVision GPS for commercial vehicles, is technology that leads the way, quite literally. This function interconnects the transmission with GPS data and digital map material. TraXon knows the exact route in advance, including topography, and takes that information into account when selecting the gear shifting points and gears. This additionally saves fuel and prevents unnecessary gear shifting and stress on the transmission.


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