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ZF in Concrete Mixers

  • Up to 24% lighter
  • Up to 50% shorter
  • Reliable, powerful and enviromental-friendly
  • Output torque up to 90,000 Nm

In driveline technology for truck mixers ZF is extending its lead in the world's market. Vehicle manufacturers from the USA to China put their trust in the high quality of ZF mixer transmissions. ZF fulfills this demand through continuous product innovation.

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ZF in Concrete Mixers

ZF presents the new generation of the ECOMIX range type CML (Concrete Mixer Lowspeed) for concrete mixers up to 16 m³ mixing capacity and an output torque of up to 90,000 Nm. Mixer transmissions ECOMIX II are based on the achievements of the first Ecomix generation, however, they are smaller, lighter, tougher, more flexible, quieter, more noise reduced, easier to service and more efficient.

The Ecomix II transmission series CML in comparison to previous models are approx. 24 % lighter and 50 % shorter. (fig 11) However, the special design of the new mixer transmission range Ecomix II also offers a wide range of further advantages. Thanks to a tough bearing concept it was possible to significantly increase the output bearing strength, which leads to less sensibility at off-road operation. The use of patented Elastomer units allows an increase of the axial run-out at drum bottom and an increase of misalignment of the drum. With the new bearing concept the installation angle is no longer dependent on drum size and drum filling. An installation angle up to 20° is always possible. Acoustic and mechanic decoupling of drum and vehicle frame leads to considerable noise reduction during operation and improved driving comfort. (fig 12)

Serviceability has been improved thanks to an adapted, weight-optimized, low-speed-hydro motor and separate oil for transmissions and hydrostatic as well as an improved accessibility. The new concept offers also a higher efficiency which leads to fuel and cost savings for the operator. The compact and light design offers the vehicle manufacturer more freedom in design and facilitates the assembly.


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