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Systematic Enhancements: ZF Shows with the Efficient EcoWorld 2 the Future for DMU Drive Systems

  • The Irish state railroad has ordered three MTU PowerPacks with high-performance ZF transmissions
  • EcoWorld 2 integrates improved reversing gear with two shift positions
  • New wheelset gearbox allows a variety of applications
  • Repowering prolongs the vehicle's service life and reduces operating costs

Berlin/Friedrichshafen. At InnoTrans 2018, ZF's most recent development, the EcoWorld 2 DMU transmission, shows what the future of rail traffic will look like: quiet, economical and comfortable. This powershift transmission has six speeds, an integrated reversing function and hydraulics as well as reduced interfaces to enable retrofit to existing vehicles and thus reduce costs. A new wheelset gearbox with drive shafts allows EcoWorld 2 to be combined with various axle ratios, which opens further application fields. This development expertise has also convinced the Republic of Ireland's state railroad, Irish Rail, to order three MTU PowerPacks and in which the EcoWorld 2 transmission is integrated.

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Systematic Enhancements: ZF Shows with the Efficient EcoWorld 2 the Future for DMU Drive Systems

For the initial volume production, ZF has once again revised and extended EcoWorld 2. From now on, the reversing gear with two shift positions will be integrated directly in the transmission. A newly developed wheelset gearbox completes ZF's drive solution. The result is a new drive system that can be combined with a range of axle ratios. This makes it suitable for slow speed operations as well as for fast rail vehicles in long-distance transport. At higher ratios, EcoWorld 2 also handles steep gradient routes without difficulty.

Powerful, compact and cost-efficient

EcoWorld 2 is designed for a drive power maximum of 600 kW and an input torque of 2,500 Nm. It is also equipped with an optional advanced coasting function, which allows additional fuel savings of up to five percent depending on the route, engine type and load condition.

As the compound rotates at a significantly lower speed due to its increased degree of efficiency and the transmission ratios of the hydromechanical transmission, there is less noise in the railcar's interior. This significantly improves travel comfort for passengers. In addition, the transmission is prepared for various optional condition monitoring functions.

Prolongs service life, reduces operating costs

ZF's EcoWorld 2 can also be integrated into existing trains where it can deliver the previously mentioned benefits. Using this procedure, known as repowering, operators do not have to replace the entire driveline in order to extend the trains' usability. Prolonging the vehicle's service life significantly reduces operating costs.

Development Competence Leads to Volume Production Order

The new EcoWorld 2 six-speed transmission system by ZF is installed into MTU PowerPacks. Irish Rail, the Republic of Ireland's state railroad, has ordered three of the completely integrated drive systems for their diesel-powered 22000 Class Intercity train. This will operate on the 266 kilometer long route between Dublin and Cork. When compared to conventional hydrodynamic transmissions, EcoWorld 2 consumes nearly up to 20 percent less fuel on these journeys. It also reduces CO2 emissions to the same extent.


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