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Sachs offers Professional Tool Portfolio for Specialist Jobs such as Stress Testing the Flywheel

  • Wide range of high quality specialist tools for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Dedicated tool from Sachs allows inspection of installed dual-mass flywheels
  • Workshops benefit from extensive manufacturer know-how

Specialist jobs require bespoke solutions. In line with this, ZF Aftermarket offers workshop partners a targeted range of Sachs branded tools to aid the service, inspection and assembly of a wide variety of products. Of particular interest is the specialist tool which allows for quick, easy inspection of dual-mass flywheels (DMF) in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles whether they are installed or not.

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Sachs offers Professional Tool Portfolio for Specialist Jobs such as Stress Testing the Flywheel

Of all vehicle components, clutches are under the most strain. If a clutch needs to be replaced, checking the dual-mass flywheel is crucial: A worn or defective DMF can lead to both DMF and clutch needing replacing again.

Inspections prevent damage to the new clutch

In order to check Sachs dual-mass flywheels for wear, quickly and professionally ZF Aftermarket offers its workshop partners a high quality specialist tool. With this, the DMF in both passenger cars (PC) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) can be checked whether they are installed or not, thus reliably preventing the new clutch from damage. For example, the tool makes it possible to check the torsional damper's leeway, the regularity of the torsional damper's spring force, the axial bearing condition and displacement travel of the radial bearing position. Thanks to the ability to check installed DMFs, workshops can save time and money: Removals are no longer necessary and additional costs for screws and seals are omitted.

"Every new vehicle and engine generation," says Richard Adgey, head of Product Management at ZF Aftermarket, "not only means an increase in the individual drive components' requirements, but also in vehicle repairs. So of course we assist and support our workshop partners with know-how as well as the necessary tools."

The DMF inspection tool is part of the extensive portfolio of special tools with which ZF Aftermarket meets the needs of the complex technological advances of SACHS components. Included in this portfolio are tool sets for: aligning clutches in trucks, assembling clutches and flywheels in PC and LCVand for measuring a side to side wobble in both PC and trucks.

A variety of services for workshop partners

The high quality special tools are developed in cooperation with leading quality suppliers on the market. "These suppliers contribute their specific tool competencies and we contribute our know-how in developing and manufacturing the components," says Richard Adgey. "This results in tools that are easy to handle and at the same time extremely durable, despite daily use."

With the product brand SACHS, ZF Aftermarket not only offers partners a broad product portfolio for chassis and drivelines in OE quality, but also extensive services – from special tools to practical trainings up to technical information.

All special tools can be ordered via ZF Aftermarket's wholesale partners.


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