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With “ProVID” ZF Offers Visionary Intelligent Diagnostics for Industrial Applications

  • ZF presents a new Performance Management system ProVID for industrial drives at the 2018 Hanover Trade Fair
  • Operating data are recorded and evaluated, including transfer to the customer via secure cloud solutions
  • Status assessment and report including a recommendation for preventive maintenance work
  • Significant reduction in overheads and improvement in system availability through scheduled maintenance measures

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With “ProVID” ZF Offers Visionary Intelligent Diagnostics for Industrial Applications

ZF industrial drives can be deployed in the most diverse of applications – from industrial systems or tunnel-drilling machines through to offshore platforms and cable cars. Maximum of the systems is essential for operators for the investments to pay off. ZF offers a solution to this through the ZF Performance Management System ZF ProVID (Visionary Intelligent Diagnostics): potential damage to drives and systems is detected early through permanent status monitoring of the complete drive systems, relevant preventive maintenance measures are implemented, downtime is reduced and the maximum system availability is increased significantly.

ZF industrial drives are reliable drive components for cable-car transport systems and have proven effective in a wide range of operational environments – from the icy temperatures around ski lifts to tropical climes in urban shuttle systems in South America. All of ZF's drives are extremely compact and are characterized by their quiet operation and extreme robustness. The exceptional quality of individual components means that products have a longer lifespan, are as safe as possible in operational terms, and require little maintenance. Industrial drives from ZF therefore support manufacturers in meeting today's demands for cable-car systems: ease, safety and efficiency.

The ZF performance management system ZF ProVID provides valuable support here. Data are gathered with the help of flexible, configurable sensors based on proven industry standards. Oil properties are processed, in addition to vibration data from gearing and drive bearings, as well as other elements of the drive train, e.g. motors and rope discs.

ZF ProVID offers the option to make relevant values from the entire drive-train available to customers, using system-specific algorithms developed by ZF that provide detailed data evaluations and subsequent data transfer to a secure cloud solution. Any processed data and information are displayed on a customer- and user-friendly dashboard. The status evaluation generated by the software is used to draft a descriptive report to include recommendations for action for plant operations.

By permanently monitoring operating parameters, any damage to equipment can be detected at an early stage, thereby avoiding unpredicted downtime. Maintenance overheads are therefore significantly reduced through targeted, preventive maintenance measures while, at the same time, there is a significant increase in maximum system availability. The first lift systems to be fitted with ZF ProVID technology confirm that the ZF Performance Management System for industrial drives can produce positive results.

It is possible to adapt the ZF ProVID system on a modular basis, meaning that a customized monitoring profile can be created for different applications or systems. ZF ProVID can be used for both new systems and existing equipment with ZF industrial drives.


Ralf Matke

Manager Regional Sales Management, Marketing BU II