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ZF Expands Proven Axle Series for Use in the Material Handling Sector

• New development based on construction machinery applications

• Lift capacity up to 9 tons

• Optimized axle structures for use under the most extreme conditions

The technology leader ZF has expanded its proven axle models to system applications in the material handling sector. The new MT-F 3000 (MULTITRAC-Forklift) model range will commence with two axle types, MT-F 3065 and MT-F 3070 (Image 7), offering technology specially tailored to the forklift market. These new types of axles offer maximum reliability and performance capability for highly demanding applications. Their compact installation dimensions facilitate their integration into the vehicle.

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ZF Expands Proven Axle Series for Use in the Material Handling Sector

The new axle systems use proven, robust driveline components found in construction machinery applications. The optimized axle structures are inherently suited to the most extreme conditions. They include a high-performance, wet multidisc service brake. An active, integrated oil cooling system means higher stability levels and longer service life. A SAHR (spring applied hydraulic released) parking brake is also built into the technology. The axle is available with different rim hole patterns for solid and pneumatic tires in single or double configurations.

Combined with the ZF ERGOPOWER "S" – 2/3 WG 94, you have an optimally matched driveline system for vehicles in the performance categories Class IV and Class V.

The high power-to-weight ratio, along with reduction of power loss and/or an increase in efficiency, contributes actively to the trend for fuel savings.

Benefits of ZF axle technology:

  • Use of proven driveline components taken from construction machinery applications
  • Lower power losses and therefore lower fuel consumption
  • A common oil supply in the transmission/axle system ensures effective oil cooling and therefore also a balanced low temperature across the entire propulsion system.
  • In addition to an optimized oil supply between the axle central section, brake and axle housing, this leads to homogeneous temperature levels and, thanks to the low temperature level, to longer oil-change intervals.
  • Negative SAHR parking brake which is suitable for integration into the drive management system and for automatic activation.

Modular design allows for individual adaptation to the chassis, mast bearing and track width, generally via the axle bridge.


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