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ZF Invests in Expanding its Electromobility Production Capacity

  • ZF’s E-Mobility Division is building a new production facility in Pančevo, Serbia
  • The new plant will produce electric and hybrid drives
  • Start of Production scheduled for 2019

Friedrichshafen. ZF’s E-Mobility Division is expanding its production capacity for electromobility products by building a new facility in the Serbian city of Pančevo. The company is investing more than €100 million in the project.

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ZF Invests in Expanding its Electromobility Production Capacity

“The demand for our electric motors and all-electric drives develops dynamically,” said Michael Hankel, member of the Management Board of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and responsible for Production and Electromobility. “Since vehicles with hybrid and all-electric drives are set to become more established in the future, we are adapting our worldwide production network to cope with the rise in demand.”

Expanding production capacities

Construction for the new ZF plant in Pančevo, located 14 kilometers northeast of the Serbian capital, Belgrade, is scheduled to start in June 2018. Starting in 2019, this plant, covering more than 20,000 square meters, will focus on the production of electric motors and generators for hybrid and electric drives as well as transmission selector levers and micro-switches. ZF is investing a total of more than €100 million in building of the new plant. In the long term, the ZF Pančevo location will have a workforce of 1,000.