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Spring into Action – Offer Expert Seasonal Checks to Secure Customer Loyalty

  • The cold season places major stress on safety-related parts
  • Customers must trust their chosen workshop for skill, efficiency & quality of parts to remain loyal
  • ZF Aftermarket offers the right OE quality products

The cold, wet weather puts safety-related parts such as shock absorbers, brakes and steering & suspension components under a great deal of stress. If not properly maintained and serviced, these parts can become a safety risk and affect other parts within the system. Offering seasonal checks not only goes a long way to ensuring safer vehicles on the roads, but in order to return drivers need to have total confidence in their chosen workshop, and these checks can help secure long term customer loyalty.

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Spring into Action – Offer Expert Seasonal Checks to Secure Customer Loyalty

Motorists need to find a workshop that they can rely on completely. In addition to the right location, good support and friendly staff, the expertise, skill & technical know-how is vital. All of this, together with the caliber of parts used and quality, efficiency and speed of the work carried out are essential criteria when it comes to choosing a workshop.

Independent workshops can score points with their customers by offering professional seasonal checkups. ZF Aftermarket supports you with the highest OE quality steering & suspension, braking and transmission parts from its leading brand portfolio: Lemförder, Sachs and TRW , along with access to the very latest technical information via the ZF parts finder App, and training via the ZF [pro]Tech Plus network.

Pay particular attention to shock absorbers

At this time of year, with floods and heavy rain, pot holes are a particular hazard and can cause major, often unseen damage to the suspension system and put excess pressure on the shock absorbers. Replacing shock absorbers in axle pairs will maintain stability and safe handling; a message backed by tests which suggest that in perfect driving conditions, braking distances can be cut by up to five percent when shocks are replaced in pairs.

Damage caused by pot holes can vary massively. It really depends on the depth of the pothole, your speed and the air pressure in your tires. Over time, suspension wear is accelerated and serious suspension damage is becoming a more common occurrence.

The problem is that shock absorbers wear down gradually. In most cases, the driver does not notice the increasingly sluggish steering behavior of the vehicle. The defective shock absorbers become apparent only in an extreme emergency situation, for example in a sudden evasive maneuver or during emergency braking. Therefore, shock absorbers must be inspected by an expert initially after every 80,000 km and thereafter every 20,000km.

Changing tires during the spring checkup offers the ideal opportunity for this. A long service life is only guaranteed for the shock absorbers if the suspension-strut mounts, pressure stops and protective tubes are in perfect condition.

In addition, workshop professionals should recommend that the brake linings are well over 2 mm in lining thickness, depending on the vehicle miles traveled at midyear. As well as checking the brake disks and brake linings, it is also important to check the brake calipers for perfect function and brake hoses for leaks.

Keep an eye on the chassis

The chassis and steering components such as control arms can wear out or be damaged by dirt or foreign objects. If damaged parts are not replaced, the driveability of the car is severely impaired and the safety of the occupants is jeopardized. It is also important to check the rubber linings of the chassis joints. Ingressing splash water washes off the special grease, making it possible for dirt particles to enter the joint.

With brakes and steering & suspension parts from TRW, shock absorbers and additional components from the Sachs brand, and Lemförder chassis and steering parts, the workshop is perfectly equipped for all jobs. In addition to offering the highest OE quality parts, ZF Aftermarket offers services which match this level of quality. With practical training, technical information and workshop concepts, workshops can acquire a detailed understanding of products and systems to establish the best basis for targeted diagnostics and professional repair.