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ZF’s Openmatics Presents ‘Asset Tracking Solution’ at LogiMAT 2018

  • Versatile solution offers transparency across industry sectors; increasing efficiency & reducing error rates
  • Industry award for Asset Tracking Solution’s operational platform ‘deTAGtive’ logistics
  • Launch of two new ‘Tag finders’ and long range communication ability

Openmatics, ZF’s connectivity specialist, will use LogiMAT 2018 (March 13-15) as a platform to introduce its innovative Asset Tracking solution. The flexible solution monitors internal and external logistics processes, increasing efficiency and reducing error rate. The business will showcase the latest developments across the award winning Openmatics portfolio, including two new TAG finders and long range communication ability.

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ZF’s Openmatics Presents ‘Asset Tracking Solution’ at LogiMAT 2018

In manufacturing, and in particular within the field of logistics, networked vehicle dispatching and efficient tracking of goods are essential. Asset Tracking is a versatile solution enabling each process-driven event to be visible and traceable – to improve efficiency and significantly reduce error rates. Essential for freight forwarders using or transporting valuable assets, invaluable for logistics companies in need of improving their yard management, or for automotive manufacturers looking for a solution to help locate parts or optimize manufacturing processes.

How it works

The unique solution uses hardware tags to connect assets. Bluetooth Smart Technology enables these small, powerful monitoring battery powered sensors (tags), with a surface area smaller than a business card, to be easily installed almost anywhere without the need for extensive cabling. Data is then obtained directly from the goods, allowing users to detect and respond to losses or damage in real time.

Award Winning Technology

Openmatics ‘deTAGtive’ logistics data platform was awarded the “German Telematics Award 2018” for innovation. Organised by ETM publishing house, the award now in its third year, was presented to the team at the Future Congress of Commercial Vehicles in November 2017.

Continuous Improvement

At LogiMAT 2018, the team will unveil two new TAG Finders in the product portfolio. The TAG Finder ‘IN’ is for indoor use and the TAG Finder ‘OUT’ for use outdoors. In addition, the business will communicate the latest testing advances of its new long-range communication protocol; further increasing the solution’s flexibility. Soon all TAGs will be manufactured as standard with both technologies – Bluetooth for transmitting high amounts of data within a 30m range, and long-range technology to transmit smaller data packs over a larger distance; up to several hundred meters.

Thomas Rösch, General Manager of Openmatics, explained: “We look forward to attending an industry event focussed on the central issues of digitalization and interconnectivity. To remain competitive, businesses’ logistical processes need to be cost-efficient and transparent. By providing connectivity solutions which translate the normal world into the digital reality, Openmatics fulfils this need.”


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