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ZF Car eWallet Simplifies Usage of Autonomous Vehicles

  • Car eWallet enables vehicles to complete safe, transparent and efficient transactions based on blockchain technology
  • Integration into ZF’s ProAI supercomputer, developed by ZF and NVIDIA, allows software to be embedded into an automotive control unit
  • The autonomous driving functions and digital agent merge to create an integrated system

Friedrichshafen/Las Vegas. By integrating Car eWallet into the artificial intelligence control unit, ZF ProAI combines two elements that will undoubtedly belong together in the future. Self-driving vehicles will need both a high-performance central processing unit and a digital agent, which can execute tasks independently and authorize payments without the owner or user having to act.

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ZF Car eWallet Simplifies Usage of Autonomous Vehicles

Car eWallet is an open automotive transaction platform for mobility-related services which is currently under development by ZF, UBS and IBM. It can make and accept payments easily and safely while drivers are on the go. Car eWallet has the potential to radically change e-commerce between manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and customers. In addition, the innovative digital assistant in the vehicle can also complete other tasks such as opening the trunk or doors.

A solution for maximum comfort at the highest level of safety
Integrating Car eWallet seamlessly into the ZF ProAI supercomputer is an important requirement for autonomous driving. Autonomously driven vehicles need to be able to make on-the-go payments themselves. This significantly increases convenience for car-sharing and pay-per-use users of autonomous vehicles and simultaneously helps to reduce risks and costs.

Secure transactions thanks to blockchain
Car eWallet is based on IBM blockchain technology, which makes it possible to synchronize the information of each user in a network in a reliable and unchangeable data record. At the same time, it ensures that users only have access to the information that they are permitted to see and use. This makes secure transactions such as automatic toll payments possible almost in real time without needing a central entity or a reliable third party.


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