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ZF's Openmatics at Agritechnica 2017: Digital Solutions for Agricultural Technology

  • Bluetooth Smart Technology for monitoring and documentation of machines and implements
  • Automatic identification and hour counter increase efficiency
  • Damage and accidents when renting implements can be documented completely and consistently

The global wave of digitalization has long since reached agriculture as well. Many tractors and harvesters used on the fields feature satellite-based positioning systems (GPS) to monitor and save individual operating data. The farming business of the future is completely connected and decides based on valid, linked data. ZF Aftermarket is also driving the sustainable orientation of agricultural businesses with its Openmatics asset tracking solution.

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ZF's Openmatics at Agritechnica 2017: Digital Solutions for Agricultural Technology

Openmatics offers intelligent solutions to individually optimize, automate and control all relevant processes of a vehicle fleet: from consistent asset tracking, to achieve ideal storage conditions for the valuable harvested crop for instance, up to the complete equipment and implement management including identification and operating time counter. The agricultural or construction machinery businesses profit from decision-based workflows, significantly increased efficiency and thus tangible cost and resource reduction.

Transparency, efficiency and documentation

At agricultural businesses with many machines and implements, it is particularly important not to lose track and to ideally control processes. The solution to this from Openmatics is an innovative asset tracking solution by means of which even large agricultural and construction machinery fleets can be coordinated efficiently and monitored transparently.

Small, powerful monitoring tags are at the heart of this interactive technology. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart Technology, these high power battery-powered sensors, with a surface area smaller than that of a business card, can be easily installed almost anywhere without the need for extensive cabling. Location, application and utilization of machines and implements are consistently monitored and documented: For how many operating hours has an implement been used and with which vehicle? At which location is a machine being used at the moment or where is it stored? Furthermore, the tags record shocks and can therefore also document damage to or accidents with rented implements. Thus, Openmatics offers agricultural businesses and machinery groups the perfect solution.

Ideal weighing technology from Openmatics

For agricultural businesses, weighing different goods is a necessary and important prerequisite for being able to work efficiently and to implement the planning and production process in the best possible way. Using Openmatics, time and resources can be saved in the future when weighing goods: The system features automatic vehicle identification, thus reducing risks and achieving a higher system utilization.

The future of agriculture

Decades of experience make ZF a leading provider of transmissions and axles for agricultural machinery. With Openmatics, ZF Aftermarket consistently transmits ZF's system competence to the aftersales market and offers businesses a system for intelligent networking and administration, thus ensuring the necessary increase in profitability.


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