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Economical and Comfortable Driving

  • Innovative independent suspension for agricultural machinery

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Economical and Comfortable Driving

Increased driving comfort and faster driving both for on- and offroad applications, increased maneuverability and an improved ground clearance are all made possible by the innovative individual suspension for agricultural machinery from ZF (Fig. 21). The suspension module, which has been in volume production for six years now, consists of two control arms, a wheel carrier as well as the chassis connection and has proven itself in practice thanks to its versatility and comfort enhancement. The compact and weight-optimized suspension permits the driver to vary the ground clearance as well as steplessly adjust the track width without having to leave the driver's cab. Vibrations that might influence the driver or the working equipment are minimized thanks to the sophisticated design of the chassis which also makes for a smooth ride without loss of traction. AWS ensures a high maneuvarability.


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Carsten Dietzel

Product Communication / Trade Press C.V. Chassis Technology