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ZF Transmission Technology

  • CVT technology TERRAMATIC and ECCOM
  • Powershift technology TERRAPOWER

ZF is the only independent specialist for agricultural machine drivelines offering all technologies from synchromesh to continuously variable in the field of tractor transaxles. With its new modular transaxle kit ZF is supporting vehicle manufacturers in the development of tractors with operating concepts suitable for the market – irrespective of the desired transmission technology.

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ZF Transmission Technology


Continuously variable ZF transmissions for tractors increase productivity and enable the driver to pay more attention to the actual work process. The CVT´s of ZF lower the usual time needed for tractor-based work by more than 10%.

Together with reduced fuel consumption, this creates unbeatable advantages in productivity. Stepless driving and working at the same time is therefore a large step towards the technological as well as commercial future of agriculture.

Now that the power range has been expanded at the bottom end with the new transaxles TMT 09 and TMT 11, the product range with the ECCOM 6.0 is also being extended upwards through to over 600 hp (Fig. 11). The ECCOM 6.0 has been specially developed for applications in pivotally steered high-horsepower tractors and is characterised by a higher power density and a still further improved efficiency. CNHi is the pilot customer here with its tractors Case Steiger and Quadtrac and the New HollandT9 series.

With the three other new models, TMT 20, TMT 25 and TMT 27 in the TERRAMATIC series, ZF has completed its product portfolio for standard tractors from 70 – 450 hp. All models are equipped with the well-proven and highly efficient ZF transmission concept.

Along with the two small TERRAMATIC transmissions, further ZF CVT transmissions have been launched in volume production. For example in the vehicles McCormick X8 with the ZF TMT 32, the Claas Axion 900 with ZF TMG 45 or the M7001 from Kubota with the ZF TMT 16 (Fig. 12).

ZF-Powershift Transaxles of the new TERRAPOWER (TPT) Generation

On account of their high efficiency, high operating comfort and the favorable costs/benefits relationship, powershift transmissions are still the most important in the standard tractor sector. In this segment ZF has already set the market benchmarks with the T-7000 series. The power spectrum and the functionality are again being expanded with the next generation of TERRAPOWER. TERRAPOWER – the new generation of ZF Powershift transmissions – offers a fully automatic shifting. Moreover, it is setting benchmarks in the class with an overdrive being able to reduce the engine speed below 1500 rpm at 50km/h.

With a total of five models the new TPT range (TERRAPOWER Transaxle) covers a power range from 65 hp to over 200 hp.

With the models TPT 16 to TPT 20 there are six powershift stages. In conjunction with the optimally overlapping five synchronous ranges there are a total of 30 forward and 15 reverse gears available. The optional crawler range provides additional 24 forward and 12 reverse speeds (Fig. 13).

The two smaller models TPT 09 and TPT 11 combine a 4-speed powershifting with a field/road range and a 4-speed synchronous section, which can also be automated. This realizes 32 forward and 32 reverse gears. All models are available with the optional automatic range shift IRS (Intelligent Range Shift) so that the synchronous gears can be easily shifted very quickly. Upon request, ZF also provides the software for a fully automatic shifting scheme (Full Auto Mode), which for example relieves the driver completely from gear shifting during transport trips (Fig. 14).

The range of the TPT transmissions is additionally complemented by a Basic Line product line, which allows the transmissions to be tailored to the requirements of international markets.

Current full-production and pilot projects are running with, for example, Deutz-Fahr for the Series 6 RCshift with the ZF TPT 16 to TPT 20, McCormick X7 with the powershift transmissions TPT 16 and TPT 20, CNHi with Case Luxum and Steyr Multi with the TPT 11 and ATM T4200 with ZF TPT 20.


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