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ZF Ergopower Rail: Also Excels in Short-Distance Routes

  • Fuel savings of up to 20%
  • Eight forward gears, eight reverse gears

ZF Industrial Technology develops products for optimum application in special vehicles. Fuel savings by up to 20% could be achieved thanks to reduced engine speeds resulting from smaller gear steps and high transmission spacing. Theprerequisites for effortlessly meeting demanding requirements in daily operation are maximum ground contact, the even distribution of driving power to all wheels and smooth load distribution for a high degree of driving safety. While increasing cycle times and driving comfort, however, aspects such as cost- effectiveness and service life may not be neglected.

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ZF Ergopower Rail: Also Excels in Short-Distance Routes

Ergopower Rail is an automatic powershift transmission for rail vehicles, depending on application, with a gross weight of up to 150 tons. The transmission is characterized by its high rated load, can be shifted, even while the throttle is wide open, and offers eight forward and eight reverse gears. The electronic controller shifts gears with total smoothness. With its integrated primary retarder, Ergopower Rail generates excellent braking power, thus considerably reducing wear on the service brake. The retarder braking torque can increase to up to 1,800 newton meters.

Thanks to the reduction of engine speeds by up to 15%, fuel savings of rail vehicles could also be achieved. The Ergopower Rail has a high transmission spacing obtained by optimum gear stepping. With these two features the vehicle configuration can run the engine in the optimum speed range. Thus, engine outputs of up to 480 kW and 2,500 Nm can be achieved, which in turn has a massive impact on potential fuel savings. The ZF transmission was developed according to the First Time Quality principle and therefore offers the highest degrees of efficiency in all ranges.


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Head of Marketing and Business Development

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