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Busworld Kortrijk 2017: Openmatics Showcases Cloud-Based Connectivity Solutions

  • ZF Aftermarket to present new app at international bus industry trade fair
  • New Openmatics Portal running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform will act as centralized interface for all Openmatics apps
  • Hong Kong bus company Kwoon Chung equips 700 buses with Openmatics wi-fi hotspots

Schweinfurt/Kortrijk. Openmatics from ZF Aftermarket provides commercial vehicle fleet operators with manufacturer-independent connectivity solutions for telematics, asset tracking, entertainment, diagnostics and engineering. At the world’s largest bus and coach trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, ZF Aftermarket will showcase its newly developed cloud-based Openmatics Portal, which runs on Microsoft Azure. The portal will serve as a centralized interface for all Openmatics apps. It will also make it easier for customers to run systematic evaluation and analysis on large volumes of data. Furthermore, the apps themselves have been enhanced with a host of new features.

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Busworld Kortrijk 2017: Openmatics Showcases Cloud-Based Connectivity Solutions

A short time after the launch of its web-based "Dashboard" app – a comprehensive fleet solution offering features such as e-vehicle energy management – Openmatics adds another new app to its product portfolio. The “Trips” app is a telematics application, akin to a “digital logbook” which will provide detailed statistics on variables such as vehicle downtime, fuel consumption and driving speed.

In a further example of its innovative development, Openmatics Entertainment solution, ‘Roadcaster’ is now a family of two. ‘Roadcaster Infotainment’ offers bus and coach travelers a wide range of exciting features including access to wi-fi hotspots and the ability to watch movies and TV shows. In addition, the product has the capability of sending feedback through customer satisfaction surveys, and displaying location-specific information for sightseeing tours.

‘Roadcaster wi-fi’ provides passengers with a reliable onboard connection. The Roadcaster unit is robust; built to adhere to stringent industrial and automotive standards. It can work with up to six SIM cards at a time and provide internet access for up to 70 passengers simultaneously.

Both entertainment solutions are designed according to the “Bring Your Own Device” principle. This is a growing trend, which by allowing individual choice of smart device, offers employees and corporations countless business benefits from increased efficiency to controlled costs on provisioning a mobile workforce. Hong Kong bus operator Kwoon Chung is among the first customers to pioneer Roadcaster in its fleet of 700 buses.

All Openmatics applications are based on Microsoft Azure technology. “This unique cloud computing platform complements our products like no other. That means we can make the most of the opportunities afforded us by global megatrends and advancing digitalization,” says Openmatics CEO Thomas Rösch. “We’re also planning to work with Microsoft in other application areas,” he confirms.

Intelligent connectivity solutions

Openmatics enables ZF Aftermarket to provide a whole range of aftersales connectivity solutions – such as telematics, asset tracking, entertainment, diagnostics and engineering – by consistently transferring systems expertise from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. A notable advantage of this open platform is that the range of services can be expanded with additional apps as needed. Third-party suppliers can develop their own apps and make them available on the platform just as they do with smartphone applications.


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