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ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber helps to make Rail Traffic safer

  • High-quality aluminum alloy leads to weight advantages
  • Modular construction kit that can be adapted to individual customer requirements
  • Constant force level achieved without start-up spike

Friedrichshafen, Germany/Atlanta, GA. With its crash system for rail vehicles, ZF offers a modern crash absorber that complies with standards for Category II + III type rail vehicles, for subway vehicles, light rail vehicles, and regional and urban-suburban rail systems. It is based on a high-strength aluminum alloy which can be dimensioned according to customer requirements.

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ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber helps to make Rail Traffic safer

With a total weight starting from 45 kilograms/100 pounds, the Aluminum Crash Absorber offers a weight reduction of approximately 50 percent compared to similar solutions. A high-quality aluminum alloy is used to absorb lateral or climber forces which can occur in the event of an impact. Its material characteristics mean that the alloy is comparable to steel.

Temperature-stable and high energy efficiency

Since aluminum is temperature-stable, the performance figures determined at ambient temperatures still apply at high and very low temperatures.

The special design of tube and adapter applications results in a direct increase to the required force level. As a result, an inadvertent increase in force is prevented from the very outset.

Reduced installation length

Due to uniform tube forming, the ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber offers a uniquely high level of efficiency. As a result, the installation length of the ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber is considerably reduced in comparison to folding crash boxes. Long protrusions on the front of the rail vehicle can thus be avoided by using ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber.

Modular design – suitable for all rail vehicle types

The ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber is based on a modular design, and can be individually adapted to particular applications. The ZF Aluminum Crash Absorber can be engineered according to customer requirements to absorb the energy resulting from the force level and stroke.

The European standard EN 15227, which defines the requirements for crash safety for railway vehicle bodies, has been in force since 2012. The binding directive requires each rail vehicle that carries passengers to have a crash system in order to increase the passive safety of the occupants.


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