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ZF develops Hypoid Bevel Gears for Turkish Streetcars

  • ZF is developing a single-stage hypoid bevel gear for 100-percent low-floor vehicles in Kocaeli and Samsun, Turkey.
  • Highly compact and sleek gearbox design saves installation space
  • Fully sprung single-wheel drive

Friedrichshafen, Germany/Bursa, Turkey. Vehicle manufacturer Durmazlar has ordered drives from ABB for the Turkish cities Kocaeli and Samsun. Deliveries of the vehicles began at the end of 2016. This project involves a streetcar gearbox for a 100-percent low-floor vehicle. In the future, the vehicle platforms will be available to the entire Turkish market.

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ZF develops Hypoid Bevel Gears for Turkish Streetcars

The independent wheel drive enables eight motors to simultaneously transmit the traction torque to the rails. The connection to the fixed flange-mounted motor is achieved via a diaphragm coupling with a slip hub. The rotor is mounted on the pinion shaft. This enables compact construction, which means that the dimensions of the motor itself can be shortened as well.

The hypoid bevel gear is connected to the wheel via ring coupling and a flexible-disk coupling. The maintenance elements are easily accessible, which ensures that motor & gearbox can be installed and removed without much effort.

The gearbox uses a spheroidal graphite cast iron housing, which contributes to an excellent level of reliability as a result of its high tensile strength and elongation at fracture. The oil ducts for oil-feeding are integrated into this housing.

At 560 pounds, the gearbox is light and it has a slim design, allowing it to integrate perfectly into the bogie. Once installed, the maintenance elements remain easily accessible. Motor and gearbox can be simultaneously installed and removed without much effort.

The single-stage gearbox that meets all these technical requirements was developed and produced in Friedrichshafen, Germany, at the Special Driveline Technology Business Unit.


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