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ZF Technology Dampens Vibrations

  • Chassis modules deliver passenger comfort
  • Highest degree of development expertise invested in safety components

Friedrichshafen, Germany. ZF is not just on track as a global leader in the design of powertrain systems and dampers for rail vehicles. European rail vehicle manufacturers also entrust ZF with the development of vibration damping components. These customized products are essential to passenger comfort, which is an integral aspect of modern high-speed rail travel.

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ZF Technology Dampens Vibrations

On behalf of rail vehicle manufacturers, ZF develops and produces innovative chassis modules and components using rubber-metal technology. These products are used as both mountings and vibration dampers in the chassis and drivelines of rail vehicles. These flexible connecting elements assure reliable power transmission for a tremendously diverse range of applications for leading manufacturers of locomotives, trams and rolling stock.

The highest degree of development expertise invested in these safety components guarantees our customers optimum solutions for transmission support, roll stabilization, and railcar body connections.


Georg Ehling

Head of Marketing and Business Development

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