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Economical and Efficient: ZF EcoWorld Transmission with Six Speeds and Integrated Reversing Function for DMUs

  • EcoWorld Transmission delivers up to 20 percent fuel savings in comparison to hydrodynamic transmissions
  • ZF’s expertise results in higher output and torques
  • Customers profit from reduction of life cycle costs

Friedrichshafen, Germany/Atlanta, GA. As the expert for driveline and chassis technology for rail vehicles, ZF Friedrichshafen AG developed the new powershift transmission ZF EcoWorld for Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs). Field tests and volume production are in the pipeline for 2018. EcoWorld features six speeds, an integrated reversing function as well as integrated hydraulics and standardized electric interfaces. Attractive new functions can be implemented, such as coasting with the engines running or shut off.

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Economical and Efficient: ZF EcoWorld Transmission with Six Speeds and Integrated Reversing Function for DMUs

The new six-speed transmission system is designed for a maximum input torque of 2,500 newton meters. It achieves great efficiency and is equipped with a powerful torque converter. The transmission system only requires an electric interface directly on the control unit.

The integrated primary retarder, which only requires a small installation space, provides for strong braking power even at low speeds. In addition to the oil cooler that has been integrated into the transmission, a heat exchanger contributes to the high cooling performance of the EcoWorld. The improved heat management extends the oil change intervals and service life, making the transmission even more reliable and easier to service. This keeps the life cycle costs low.

The integrated reversing function protects components and reduces the external loads on them. Weighing in at just 1,235 pounds, the EcoWorld is also the outstanding lightweight contender among powershift transmissions. It also requires less installation space.

Advantages adopted and developed further

The EcoWorld also includes all the advanced technologies from the successful EcoLife Rail series. Featuring these advantages and other added functions, it is setting new standards among DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units).

Strategically economical

Further potential unleashed: Compared to hydrodynamic transmissions, EcoWorld can reduce CO2 emissions and save up to 20 percent fuel. Another five percent can be saved by the coasting function depending on the route, engine type and load condition.

By lowering engine speeds, the EcoWorld also contributes to reducing noise emission levels. This significantly improves travel comfort for passengers.

Versatile solution

A closer look at the technical specifications reveals that the ZF innovation, EcoWorld, is ideal for use as a drive transmission in new rail vehicles as well as for repowering. Repowering is generally the process of replacing older technologies with newer and above all, more efficient components when overhauling a vehicle. EcoWorld can be used for powerpacks as well as for separate assembly.

With these solutions, the operator can be sure that he is using a solution without third-party patent claims.


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