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Openmatics Accelerates into the Future

  • ZF Aftermarket captures mega trend opportunities
  • ‘Dashboard’ from Openmatics offers complete fleet solution
  • Paving the way to efficient energy management with all-electric vehicles

With Openmatics, ZF Aftermarket offers dynamic, manufacturer independent connectivity solutions such as telematics, asset tracking, entertainment, diagnostics and engineering. The range of services can be expanded with additional apps at will. New to Openmatics solutions portfolio is "Dashboard", an app that enables effective energy management with all-electric vehicles, for example. All-electric vehicles require frequent recharging. With optimal route planning greater distances can be covered, which is more convenient and efficient for the driver.

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Openmatics Accelerates into the Future

The market is gearing up with an ever-growing range of digital mobility services because industry trends suggest that selective mobility could potentially become more important than owning your own vehicle. According to a recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, the number of car sharing users will increase sixfold to 35 million by 2021.

With Openmatics, ZF Aftermarket ensures the systems expertise of ZF Friedrichshafen AG is carried forward consistently into the aftermarket. ZF’s Openmatics connectivity platform makes transparent fleet management possible, facilitates asset tracking and provides entertainment offers and enhancements.

Sharing in Digital Mobility

The Openmatics on-board unit transmits vehicle-specific data to a secure cloud database, which users can access via the web-based "Dashboard" app at any time. The operator is therefore able to see the location of all the fleet vehicles (trucks, buses or passenger cars) on a digital map and retrieve real-time information regarding capacity, kilometers traveled and availability. Fuel or charge level notifications and error messages, which can mean time lost to servicing or a vehicle standing idle, can be integrated into fleet planning at an early stage.

"Dashboard" is thus paving the way to efficient energy management with all-electric vehicles, for example, showing the charge level of the battery. This means that vehicles can be optimally allocated to customers based on the distance they wish to travel.

Dashboard – ideally matches remaining charge and route

A similar function is already being used in the field to coordinate electric city buses in a major German city. Rental car companies could also use Dashboard for electrically powered cars to match their customers’ desired routes with vehicles available in the fleet. The remaining charge and the proximity to a charging station at the customer's destination are key data points captured and communicated by the system.

For conventionally driven vehicles, the Openmatics Dashboard offers customers the scope to develop new ideas that enhance customer service. Faster processing of vehicle returns at rental car companies is one potential option. The app helps the rental company to see which vehicles have already been fully refuelled as they enter the parking garage. These vehicles are then directed for a quicker checkout. It could also be configured to forewarn fleet managers of any part or system failure immediately; enabling them to book the vehicle in for service or repair, or to order the parts necessary.

For owners of a mixed vehicle fleet, Openmatics provides an attractive solution by replacing the many different telematics systems used by vehicle manufacturers with one integrated solution.

Pacesetter with an attractive solution portfolio

ZF Aftermarket, the second largest aftermarket organization in the world is able to offer an even wider solution portfolio for not only the aftermarket of today but that of the future. At the forefront of technical innovation, ZF Aftermarket champions systems training and the sharing of technical information with the mechanics who will work on these vehicles. The ZF Services [pro]Tech workshop concept is an example of this, providing independent workshops with a comprehensive service package which includes access to vehicle-specific installation instructions. Another example is TRW’s Tech Corner, a free on-line technical resource.

Helmut Ernst, Head of ZF Aftermarket commented: “Understanding how vehicles are providing greater levels of information and focusing on our core areas of expertise, we will ensure the mechanics workshops can always speak the same language. We are setting trends for the future because we understand the automotive aftermarket and its influential factors, and we want the market to understand these new technologies.”


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