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ZF Two-stage Spur Gear Unit with Sleeve Shaft for Miami

  • Two-stage hollow shaft drives for metro vehicles in Miami
  • Developed in Friedrichshafen, Germany and produced at ZF’s Gainesville, Georgia facility.

Miami Dade Country Metropolitan Transportation, Miami's public transport authority, ordered 130 metro trains from AnsaldoBreda/Hitachi with deliveries of the vehicles to begin in 2018.

ZF supplies four innovative and weight-optimized rail drives for each of these Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). The gearbox was developed in Friedrichshafen and is currently being produced at ZF’s Gainesville, Georgia location. All “Buy America” requirements are being satisfied.

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ZF Two-stage Spur Gear Unit with Sleeve Shaft for Miami

Being the Specialist in driveline and chassis technology for rail vehicles, ZF Friedrichshafen AG presents an advanced light rail gearbox offering lower weight (approx. 380 kg/840lbs) and optimized design, while reducing noise emissions for quiet operation.

Every kilogram saved on the vehicle results in better payload, which in turn, results in more efficient passenger transport. Operators and manufacturers of light rail trains continuously search for suppliers which can contribute to weight reductions without impacting operational reliability.

This two-stage gearbox that meets all these technical requirements has been developed in Friedrichshafen, Germany at ZF's Special Driveline Technology Business Unit. The gearbox uses a spheroidal cast iron housing which achieves a high value of tensile strength and elongation against fracture.

Another advantage of the ZF gearbox is the use of standard ZF labyrinth seals. Typically these contact-free labyrinth seals are longer lasting, but have to be developed and adapted for the corresponding application. Thanks to an established ZF standard for the use of these seals, the development time is now significantly reduced.


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