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TRW’s ‘True Originals’ Campaign flexes its Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) muscles

  • Multi-award winning campaign highlights OE quality & strength of TRW HCV braking, steering & suspension parts
  • Focus on TRW’s engineering ingenuity
  • Products top independent tests for durability, performance and safety under extreme conditions

ZF Aftermarket has announced that the latest phase of the award winning TRW ‘True Originals’ campaign is now live. This time the business will highlight the strength and durability of its HCV braking, steering & suspension parts, under the TRW Proequip product line. In keeping with the popular TRW campaign concept of featuring a ‘True Original’, the star of this story is Erik Larsson. Erik is a truck driver from Sweden who delivers supplies across the Arctic Circle. The mixed media campaign includes a short video and explains how with the technological backing of the ZF Group, the components are manufactured using materials and processes to suit HCV needs, and then tested to the extreme to withstand the most severe conditions.

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TRW’s ‘True Originals’ Campaign flexes its Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) muscles

Scoring a Century of experience

“Steering and stopping heavy vehicles presents serious engineering challenges. Employing the best minds on the market, we’ve been steering vehicles in the right direction for over 100 years,” explained Richard Adgey, Head of Product Engineering.

“Every TRW HCV part is tested to the extreme: in the laboratory; on the track and on the road to make certain it meets the toughest of challenges, time and again. Our customers demand this level of quality from us, confident that we have the knowledge to build them to withstand the harshest of conditions.”

Built by True Originals for True Originals

In line with the rest of the campaign, this chapter features a ‘True Original’. Star of this story is Erik Larrson, a truck driver who delivers supplies to homes and businesses across the Arctic Circle.

The dynamic storyline explains how people rely on Erik not only to supply life’s essentials, but also to deliver the products and materials necessary to keep their businesses going in such a harsh environment; and how he relies on TRW’s HCV parts to get him there. It tells how he has the utmost confidence in a brand which has the strength and durability to get him safely across the toughest terrain in the harshest of conditions, so he doesn’t let his customers down.

Exceptional Range

With vast experience of supplying every type of automotive safety system for every class of vehicle, the ZF experts have an innate understanding of the materials and manufacturing processes necessary to make HCV parts which deliver the ultimate in performance, safety and durability.

TRW branded HCV brake pads are made from the highest grade friction material, offering the perfect mix and text-book performance for heavy vehicles. Matching OE standard, the disc portfolio includes ECER90-homologated brake discs for the complete Air Disc Brake System, and included in its steering range is the award winning, innovative XCAP ball joint. Its smaller design means it is stronger and more durable than its predecessor; its dust cover design offers better part protection and reduced torque results in enhanced steering comfort.

Number One in Independent Tests

In industry tests, TRW branded HCV steering & suspension products received top marks for durability, strength and performance - for example from the Fraunhofer Institut for Structural Durability and System Reliability, LBF, Darmstadt, Germany. This highlights the importance of fitting OE quality parts to commercial vehicles; to minimise vehicle repair downtime.

Award Winning Campaign Concept

The concept of marrying the businesses own ‘True Originals’ with the part they play, and the difference they make to the bigger picture, has proven incredibly popular. In 2016 alone, the campaign was shortlisted for several major industry awards; for best brand concept through to titles relating to automotive advertising and general marketing.

Bahar Freedman, Head of Global Marketing Strategy, said: “The campaign’s popularity can be directly attributed to the fact that it allows people to relate with the passion they invest in their own jobs and professions, and see how their individual contribution makes a difference to the end result.” The campaign material is aimed at all levels of the Global supply chain: distributors, garages and the end user. The campaign is live across: France; Germany; Italy; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Spain; Turkey and the UK.


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Head of Aftermarket Communications

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