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ZF Damper Technology – Comfort on Rails

  • ZF damper technology allows for comfortable and fast train journeys
  • Remanufacturing-friendly damper program
  • Electrically Controlled Yaw Dampers

ZF holds an internationally leading position in the development of chassis technology for commercial vehicles. Also when it comes to equipping rail vehicles, the Group has been firmly established for many years now. ZF develops and produces yaw dampers, freight car suspensions, horizontal and vertical dampers for almost every rail vehicle application, from streetcars up to high-speed trains. An electronically controlled yaw damper even combines different damper requirements – for high and low speeds.

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ZF Damper Technology – Comfort on Rails

Yaw dampers – standard and electrically controlled

Yaw dampers are a special feature of rail vehicles. Especially at high speeds on straight track, they must control the hunting oscillation of the bogie and thus ensure a stable operation of the chassis. ZF offers yaw dampers in the respectively optimal design; thanks to their modular structure, they only require little installation space. With electrically controlled yaw dampers, the hard damper characteristics, which are necessary and important at high speeds, can be deactivated. This offers significantly more comfort when cornering slowly and preserves both the wheelsets and the tracks, since the wheel-track forces are reduced.

Twin-tube dampers – robust and maintenance-free

Twin-tube dampers which are available both as vertical and as horizontal dampers have been firmly established in the rail-bound vehicle market as well. Thanks to their robust design, they attain a long service life and do not require maintenance. The modular structure allows for short design phases and predefined production processes. This results in short delivery times and top quality. The lift stop, which can be optionally integrated, facilitates lifting the vehicle without additional lifting tackle between wheelset and bogie or between bogie and freight car.


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