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ZF Technology Puts Wind Energy in Motion

  • ZF anticipates the trend towards “Intelligent Mechanical Systems” for its new generation of gearboxes, using ZF’s digital know-how and electronics competence
  • Intelligent Performance Management for higher energy yield at lower costs while increasing gearbox reliability

With a number of innovative approaches, ZF is committed to developing the next generation of wind gearboxes, making wind the most attractive energy source in the future. At Hanover Fair 2017 ZF presents its intelligent wind gearbox solution. Thanks to Intelligent Performance Management wind turbine economics can be improved through component lifetime optimization and new possibilities to reduce service costs.

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ZF Technology Puts Wind Energy in Motion

Always proactive, ZF is currently preparing for the next generation of wind gearboxes and solutions which will further improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Jan Willem Ruinemans, HHead of Business Unit Wind Power Technology, explains: “Making use of data-streams from smart devices and sensors integrated in the gearbox ZF optimizes wind turbine performance as well as operation and maintenance. ZF expects a significant cost reduction potential within the wind industry and we look forward to developing this growth path.”

Intelligent Performance Management

As a continuous innovator ZF anticipates the trend towards digitalization and enables performance optimization of the overall system. “Starting from decades of experience in design and manufacturing of high-performance gearboxes for wind turbines, we are now moving forward with intelligent gearbox solutions”, says Jan Willem Ruinemans.

ZF’s Intelligent Performance Management increases yield and reduces Cost of Energy through dynamic load monitoring and active drive train dampening. The system boosts the performance of the entire wind turbine without the risk of resulting damages.

A Proven Track Record

ZF has repeatedly confirmed its pioneering role at the cutting edge of wind power transmission technology. The company has carved out a reputation as a top-tier global supplier of innovative and durable gearboxes. With more than 55,000 gearboxes shipped, ZF’s installed base exceeds 100GW covering 25% of the global installed base of geared wind turbines.


Kris Adriaenssen

Marketing Manager, ZF Wind Power

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