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ZF and China: Pioneering Local Emission-free Electromobility

  • ZF’s hybrid systems and all-electric drives are advancing electrification
  • Groundbreaking locally-tailored concepts for passenger cars, trucks and buses

As the world’s largest market for electric vehicles (EVs), China has ambitious growth targets which are set to continue. With a forward-looking e-mobility portfolio which covers passenger car and commercial vehicle applications as well as the whole spectrum of modular hybrid systems and all-electric drives, ZF is the ideal partner to help achieve these targets. The company’s product range also covers EV platforms such as the Intelligent Rolling Chassis (IRC) – all engineered in the region.

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ZF and China: Pioneering Local Emission-free Electromobility

By 2030, the percentage of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) among new registrations is predicted to increase to 40 percent. That would amount to around 15 million vehicles a year with either a plug-in hybrid system or an electric motor only. “ZF supplies the progressive drive systems to address this goal and is constantly developing them – we never stop pushing the technological boundaries to help make zero-emission transport a reality,” says Ulrich Teichert, head of E-Mobility Asia-Pacific.

Electrification for the passenger cars of today and tomorrow
A prime example is the IRC: ZF's state-of-the-art vehicle platform which makes it possible for both established and new mobility providers to easily and flexibly realize a huge variety of EV concepts. The Electric Twist Beam (eTB), with two integrated powerful close-to-the-wheel 40 kW electric motors, installed on the rear axle ensures zero-emission driving of the IRC.

Equally, ZF supplies a fully integrated driveline and chassis solution for conventional vehicles in the form of a modular rear axle concept. The innovation is very easy to upgrade with an electric axle drive as well as with ZF’s Active Kinematics Control (AKC) for steering functions.

The company is also focusing on advanced hybrid transmissions such as its 8-speed plug-in hybrid system. Instead of a torque converter, it houses a high-performance electric motor that allows vehicles to reach up to 120 km/h using purely electric power, keeping the local area pollution-free. ZF’s hybrid portfolio is rounded off by components such as electric motors of virtually every performance class along with fully compatible control units, software and power electronics, all designed and made in-house.

Electric trucks and buses
ZF applies the same know-how to commercial vehicles. The company supplies an optional hybrid module for its TraXon automatic transmission system which recently made its local debut at the Foton Auman EST-A – crowned ‘Chinese Truck of the Year’. For local zero-emission city buses, the dual-motor ZF AVE 130 electric portal axle is the ideal choice. A derivative of the AVE 130, a close-to-the-wheel electric drive for heavy delivery trucks, is used on the Urban eTruck concept from Mercedes-Benz. Alternatively, ZF supplies an all-electric central drive for these and other vehicle categories which is easy to integrate into existing conventional designs. ZF’s electrification strategy also benefits light commercial and delivery vehicles in the form of an up to 150 kW central electric axle drive adapted from the passenger car sector.


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