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ZF at InterAlpin 2017: Global service for ropeways

  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG presents innovations in the field of ropeway and industrial gearboxes
  • Service know-how and global ZF network provide big advantage for manufacturers and operators of ropeways

The ZF group will demonstrate its expertise as a systems supplier for ropeway and industrial gearboxes at the InterAlpin in Innsbruck, Austria from April 26 to 28. Thanks to intelligent mechanics the systems for the future become more efficient, safer and service-friendlier.

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ZF at InterAlpin 2017: Global service for ropeways

Ropeways have to provide their service reliably and above all safely. The operators expect high performance and availability throughout the complete operating time. Thus, the quality of the drivetrain is a decisive part of the total system. The low-maintenance, service-friendly and efficient ZF gearboxes fulfil these requirements.

No matter if under icy temperatures during ski lift operation or in tropical heat inside urban shuttle systems in the South American megacities – ZF ropeway gearboxes have proven in thousands of applications worldwide under various operational conditions. With starting torques of up to 600 kNm they can cope with any challenge.

Due to a flexible modular system a wide range of transmission and dimensional variants is available and ideally suited for a large number of different ropeway systems. The gearboxes for ropeways are extremely compact, noise-optimised and combine longevity with a low maintenance effort. All gearboxes are characterized by silent operation and high robustness. The high quality of the individual components ensures a long life cycle with the highest possible operating reliability. Thus, ZF gearboxes support the manufacturer in fulfilling today’s requirements on ropeway systems: Comfort, safety and efficiency.

Over 30 years of experience with ropeway gearboxes

The expertise in the field of ropeway gearboxes dates back to beginning of the 1980s, where the first gearboxes and the corresponding service for ropeway systems were offered under the company name Lohmann + Stolterfoht GmbH (L&S), later Bosch Rexroth AG. The takeover of Bosch Rexroth’s large gearbox business by ZF in 2015 combines the expertise and the experience of both partners in the design and production of driveline technology.

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company, who is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide, has a global workforce of around 137,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. Thanks to the global know-how ZF extends its technological leadership in the automotive sector also to its industrial technology segment.

Intelligent Mechanical Systems

As a leading technology company ZF made it a core task to push forward the digital revolution in mobility and industrial technology. The “See-Think-Act” triad is the leading principle. ZF networks driveline technology with sensors, mechatronic systems and super computers. Thus, ZF increasingly enables vehicles to see, think and act. Also in the area of industrial engineering digitalization, networking and electrification are the key to intelligent mechanical systems.

Intelligent ZF gearboxes in wind power plants already sense real loads, vibrations and oil conditions automatically. Failures can be prevented and downtimes effectively reduced through advanced sensor technology, visual remote monitoring and preventive maintenance actions. ZF focuses on cloud-based data analysis, so that operators are always informed on the gearbox condition with the push of a button.

Global presence and excellent service

Thanks to the global network of ZF Group with over 120 own service stations and 650 service partners all over the world, ZF offers professional service for industrial and ropeway gearboxes in almost every region of the world. For customers this means short distances, fast reaction times, the right experts on short notice, and thus, a trouble-free ropeway operation.

ZF supports ropeway operators as a reliable partner over the whole life cycle of the ropeway. The core activities in the service of large gearboxes are co-ordinated by the Witten location and carried out on-site – including the whole spectrum of after-sales services from consultancy to training sessions, from product selection to commissioning, from quality optimisation to documentation.

Predictive maintenance of the gearbox increases the availability of ropeway gearboxes and improves their efficiency in operation. The ZF service team does not only possess extensive experience in detecting damage at an early stage, but also uses advanced test methods ranging from visual inspection and endoscopy through to structure-borne sound measurement and oil analysis.

Visitors can get an idea of ZF’s unique service and product portfolio at the InterAlpin in Innsbruck from April 26 to 28.


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