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ZF Servoplan – Precision On The Move

  • Applicable in almost all areas of automation technology thanks to modular design
  • Low-play gearing for exact positioning
  • Quiet running and maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication

ZF Friedrichshafen AG with its Special Driveline Technology Business Unit offers a wide range of machine drives, brakes and clutches for mechanical engineering applications as well as customized drive solutions.

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ZF Servoplan – Precision On The Move

The focus of development and production activities is on servo-controlled transmissions for automation technology, two-stage manual drives for machine tools, as well as customized drives, for instance for printing machines, robotics applications and elevator transmissions.

Precise, dynamic yet robust and compact, these are demanding requirements on servo-controlled transmissions in industrial automation. ZF Servoplan perfectly meets these exacting demands.

Servo-controlled transmissions lend themselves to a wide variety of applications. One- and two-speed servo drives with ZF Servoplan transmissions are to be found wherever highly dynamic yet precise positioning is required.

With their wide range of sizes and their modular design, ZF Servoplan planetary gearsets are suitable for virtually all areas of industrial automation.

The servo-controlled transmissions in combination with a servomotor support coaxial input and output. Rated output torques of 25 to 3,000 Nm are possible with different model sizes.

Yet another advantage of ZF servo-controlled transmissions is the low-play gearing with ground gear tooth pairs. The transmissions are therefore especially suited for precise positioning specifications and are extremely versatile.

Planetary gearsets for servomotors are used for packaging technology, in forming technology, as well as generally in machines and systems.

ZF Servoplan transmissions operate accurately, dynamically and guarantee complete reproducibility. Machinery energy costs are decreased thanks to the efficiency of the transmissions. Machines equipped with these transmissions are maintenance-free and ensure a stable production process.


Georg Ehling

Head of Marketing and Business Development

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