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ZF in Dump Trucks

  • Up to 20% less fuel
  • 8 4 50 – 8 speed forward, 4 reverse speed for 50 tons payload

ZF Industrial Technology develops products for dumpers for optimum operational duties in Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT). It has been possible to reduce the fuel consumption by up to 20 % through a reduction in the engine speeds.

To be able to satisfy these requirements in routine use, maximum ground contact, uniform distribution of the drive power to all wheels and a harmonious uniform load distribution are important for high level of safety. Apart from these viewpoints for reduced cycle times and more operator comfort, economic efficiency and service life should not be forgotten.

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ZF in Dump Trucks

The stresses in operational use demand the highest level of ruggedness and reliability from all components. Short loading cycles and safe transport at maximum power in difficult terrain are characteristics displayed by high performance ADT. ZF offers optimum solutions to requirements which the current generation of these vehicles must fulfill. The system range is provided for ADTs with a load capacity from 12 to 50 tons and with engine powers from 90 to 400 kW. Also the continuous optimization of efficiency makes ZF drivelines increasingly attractive to the manufacturer. With the additional software options of the ZF EFFICIENCY PACKAGE the dumper is developing into a supreme master for tackling any challenge. (Fig. 2)

Ergopower L II

The ZF Ergopower L II is the automatic powershift transmission for dumpers up to 50 tones payload and a gross weight of up to 82,000 kg. The transmission is characterized by its high loading capacity, it is powershiftable and offers up to eight forward and four reverse gears. The gears are shifted completely smoothly under electronic control. Due to the integrated primary retarder the Ergopower L II offers very good braking performance and significantly reduces wear on the service brake. The braking torque varies depending on the model between 1000 and 1800 Nm. It has been possible to reduce as well the fuel consumption of the dumpers through a reduction in the engine speeds of up to 20%. The Ergopower L II has higher transmission slepping, which could be archieved through optimal gear step. These two points allows the vehicle configuration to use the motor in its optimum speed range. Of course this has an impact on the fuel economy. The Ergopower L II is characterized by an optimum shift pattern, even under the highest loads. This is facilitated by a high gear spread. The ZF transmission has been developed according to the zero defect principle and thus offers the highest efficiency in all areas.

ZF Dump Truck Axles MT-D 3000

The new generation of ZF ADT axles offers a high level of loading capability and performance. The axles are specially developed for total vehicle weight from 22 up to 82 tons and therefore it covers the engine power from 90 kW up to 400kW analogous to Ergopower L II.

The multi-part axle housing also presents the advantage of high installation versatility, enabling the manufacturer of the ADTs relative freedom in planning the vehicle architecture. Also, there is the possibility of mounting the damper components directly. This saves having to fit additional mounting plates, thereby saving weight and costs.

The new HASR multi-disk locking differential combines all the advantages of an open and a closed differential. The open differential produces lower frictional losses, saving fuel and reducing tire wear. The differential can be locked as required and then the greatest traction is obtained. This enhances the driver's flexibility on any ground conditions and also enhances safety. (Fig. 6)


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