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ZF 8 TX: Robust and Lightweight for Oil and Gas Production

  • Automatic 8-speed powershift transmission by ZF has been systematically designed for maximum performance
  • Unique design without torque converter
  • 8 TX sets new weight standards in its class

If you are looking for an automatic transmission system for stationary pumping stations used for oil and gas production, you no longer have to make compromises: With the new 8 TX, ZF has presented a newly developed innovation which is both lightweight, powerful, and durable thanks to its unique design.

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ZF 8 TX: Robust and Lightweight for Oil and Gas Production

The pump systems in petroleum and gas production must work in a particularly uniform manner. Unintended speed fluctuations can destabilize the suction volume as well as the delivery pressure, which, in a worst case scenario, can compromise the entire drill hole. This makes transmission systems, which ensure constant smooth operation thus minimizing risk factors, even more important.

ZF customized the new 8 TX exactly to these specific requirements. It offers eight gears and particularly harmonious gear transitions as well as a high spread of gear ratios. Together with a very robust basic design, this minimizes both stress on and wear of the components and results in a reliable, efficient and durable transmission with very low life-cycle costs. More than anything else, it ensures a precise control of the pumping station. The latter can be highly powerful with the new ZF automatic transmission, as the 8 TX is equipped for a performance of up to 2,600 hp and an input torque of up to 10,500 Nm. What makes it unique, however, is its special design: Thanks to state-of-the-art BUS communication and the possibilities offered by modular programming, the ZF transmission does without a torque converter. Trouble-free continuous operation is ensured by a flexible coupling with the latest damping technology, which dampens engine vibrations. Furthermore, the 8 TX produces less friction torque and thereby less heat thanks to its sophisticated design.

ZF integrated the complete control electronics directly into the transmission. Additional optimizations, such as a transmission housing made of aluminum, make the ZF transmission the lightest transmission currently available in its class; it weighs only 1,350 kg in a dry condition. Furthermore, at 1490 mm x 850 mm, it is extremely compact. Regardless of this, the 8 TX offers a high level of flexibility by incorporating connections for two PTOs. Also assembly is simplified with the ZF transmission because, thanks to its three-point linkage, it can be easily and precisely moved to the requested position.

The development of the new transmission for pumping stations is a good example of the outstanding engineering work within ZF: The developers have presented the currently close-to-production product only three years after the original idea. Furthermore, ZF's engineers have managed to make the 8 TX economical in every respect despite its high technical requirements. Now it completes the ZF transmission portfolio for applications in the oil and gas industry. However, customers not only benefit from the products alone; the know-how and support of one of the global leaders in driveline and chassis technology are available to them in the form of 650 service stations around the globe.


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