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ZF Single Disc – Single-Disk Clutches and Brakes

  • Brushless and low maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Extremely environmentally friendly

Thanks to their technical advantages, their simple setup, and their favorable external dimensions, electromagnetically operated single-disk clutches and brakes are increasingly used for the automation of mechanical working processes in mechanical and plant engineering, such as in textile machinery, packaging, printing, and paper machinery, machine tools, welding machines or in medical technology, and for changing speed or actuating speed stages, for controlling movement sequences with accurate positioning or for shutting down machines in the event of faults

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ZF Single Disc – Single-Disk Clutches and Brakes

Single-disk clutches and brakes are brushless and require little maintenance. A particular advantage is the double magnetic flux path of the armature disk, which uses the dynamic effect of the magnetic field two times over. Large torques are created by the small outside dimensions and large through hole.

Both friction surfaces are made of metal. These clutches are especially environmentally friendly, due to the absence of an organic friction lining, which is usually present in single-disk clutches. They are suitable for operation in both dry and wet conditions. The clutches and brakes reach their nominal torque after being run-in for a short period or after few shifts below the speed differential.


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