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ZF Duoplan – Optimum Configuration for Each Drive Solution

  • More than ten different gearbox variants
  • Universal and flexible application
  • Constant cutting performance across wide speed range

Precision gearboxes of the ZF Duoplan model range cover all standard performance, torque and motor requirements for industrial machine drives. This means that the performance range of machine tools can be fully used with optimal energy efficiency. Specific model ranges are now equipped with a clamping hub. This allows for faster installation and more possibilities to connect the motor. ZF will present the new transmission model range for the first time at TIMTOS 2017 in Taipei.

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ZF Duoplan – Optimum Configuration for Each Drive Solution

Today's machine tools must be highly versatile in order to be able to cope with a wide variety of materials. It is precisely for this reason that ZF developed the two-speed manual gearbox of the Duoplan series. The ZF Duoplan gearbox is primarily used in machine tools and test benches and for applications that require a high torque. With its variety of installation positions, the gearbox can be used, for example, in lathes (horizontal B3/B5) or machining centers (vertical V1/V3).

In addition, the ZF Duoplan gearbox is used in various systems in which increased torques or reduced speeds are required. High cutting speeds are needed for soft materials while greater cutting forces are required for hard materials. This level of flexibility can be obtained through the use of a shiftable gearbox. On the one hand, the high speeds of the drive motor in the direct gear ratio (1:1) are maintained and, on the other, the motor's drive torque is multiplied via the gearbox (e.g. i = 4.00) and the speed is correspondingly reduced.

Other features of the two-speed manual gearbox include increased compactness thanks to the planetary design, low running noise and direct mounting on all kinds of main spindle motors. Concentricity and center distance changes are compensated for by the floating sun gear, making the planetary gearset much less sensitive to tolerances. Among the other benefits are low circumferential backlash, high efficiency and easy assembly.

The ZF Duoplan model range offers more than ten different gearbox variants for various applications and installation positions.

These gearboxes can drive motors with axle heights from 100 to 280 mm; the range of transmittable rated powers is between 19 and 120 kW and that of the rated drive torques between 120 and 2,100 Nm. This comprehensive range of gearboxes enables machine tool manufacturers and producers to increase their efficiency and profitability even further.

This is because an optimally harmonized motor-gearbox system also reduces power consumption.


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