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ZF Crash System – More Rail Traffic Safety

  • Flexibly selectable force levels for a reversible and irreversible range of functions
  • Modular system that can be adapted individually to the customer's requirements

With its crash system for rail vehicles, ZF offers a modern crash absorber that complies with standards for all types of rail vehicles. It is based on high-performance hydrodynamic crash absorbers, which can absorb forces reversibly or irreversibly, depending on the strength of the collision.

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ZF Crash System – More Rail Traffic Safety

Hydrodynamic crash absorbers with two function ranges

The hydrodynamic crash absorbers located at the front end of the vehicle form the heart of the ZF crash system. They comprise an outer and inner tube, which move into each other in the event of a collision. The special feature: The dampers have two function ranges for different collision intensities. As a result, the energies arising from even the smallest collision are reliably absorbed.

In the event of slight collisions, such as those that may occur during parking or maneuvering, slight collision forces are absorbed and are not passed on to the vehicle. The crash absorber absorbs them without damage and after a short period returns to its original position as a result of the prevailing internal pressure.

The European standard EN 15227, which defines the requirements for crash safety for railway vehicle bodies, has been in force since 2012. The binding directive requires each rail vehicle that carries passengers to have a crash system in order to increase the passive safety of the passengers.


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