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ZF Damper Technology as Innovative Partner for All Vehicles With Special Operating Conditions

  • ZF extends system and module expertise
  • Spring/damper modules and electronically controlled damping technology increases vehicle capabilities in the field

Reliability and safety even under the most grueling conditions - operating forces have to count on both if they are to fulfill their assigned mission reliably. In the area of damping technology, ZF has been partnering leading manufacturers for decades. ZF is extending its module and system capabilities. As Tier 1 supplier for custom-developed spring/damper units for heavy vehicle applications and for ZF's own electronically controlled damping system CDC for extreme off road vehicles, ZF has positioned itself as a leading chassis technology company.

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ZF Damper Technology as Innovative Partner for All Vehicles With Special Operating Conditions

“We are extending our competencies clearly and bolstering our position as the development partner of original equipment manufacturers” says Joachim Holzner, Head of the Damper Technology Business Unit. “We see ourselves as the leading Tier 1 supplier in the business involving spring/damper modules for offroad wheeled vehicles.” We will increasingly be offering and developing complete spring/damper solutions, which provide the vehicle with maximum stability and mobility. The concerted alignment to the ZF modular kit system ensures rapid, reliable and needs-based availability of products during volume production and when it comes to maintenance and repair. As such, the security sector benefits from the very latest developments in the civilian commercial vehicle sector. The full range of ZF damper sizes is available. Particularly in the area of end stops and joint connections, ZF can draw on a wealth of experience. Our partners in spring technology are working at the same technological level and are proven specialists for the requirements of vehicles in these application and weight categories.

No more compromises: The electronically controlled damping system CDC ensures mobility

The requirements for vehicle damping are complex. On the one hand, there is a demand for comfort, driver support, and protection of the vehicle, while at the same time ensuring sufficient stability. The adjustment of a conventional shock absorber is therefore always a compromise: Less damping helps isolate jolts and, in turn, enhance ride comfort; high levels of damping improve driving stability.

This is where the electronically controlled damping system CDC from ZF comes into its own. With many years of successful use in passenger cars and civilian commercial vehicles to its name, CDC is now being customized specifically to the requirements of off road vehicles. The sensors permanently monitor all the factors that influence the driving situation, such as driver activity or vehicle movements. The electromagnetic proportional valves on the CDC damper adjust the damping force within milliseconds to the particular situation. The system's control function is based on the Skyhook principle and optimally dampens the body movements.

The advantages of CDC are clear to see: CDC enhances driver comfort substantially, for instance where operating conditions are constantly changing (field, road, etc.). Sensitive components and equipment are protected, maintenance costs and the risk of the vehicle breaking down are reduced. The dynamic adjustment of the damping force reduces the loads on the driver. Ride comfort in the service vehicle is not a luxury, but a prerequisite if the driver is to dedicate their full attention in the vehicle to fulfilling each mission safely.


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