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ZF Unveils the Visionary Rinspeed “Oasis” Concept Car at the NAIAS 2017

  • The ingenious self-driving concept car “Oasis” was introduced for the first time to trade show visitors at the ZF booth.
  • The “Oasis” is built on ZF’s innovative “Intelligent Rolling Chassis” (IRC).
  • HMI features expand steering wheel and occupant safety system functions in automated driving mode.

Detroit. At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, ZF unveiled one vision of the future of urban mobility to the general public for the first time:the “Oasis” concept car, from creative think tank Rinspeed.

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ZF Unveils the Visionary Rinspeed “Oasis” Concept Car at the NAIAS 2017

You can always count on Swiss automobile visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht when it comes to re-imagining mobility. While presenting the Rinspeed concept car “Oasis,” the company’s ingenious self-driving electric car for the city and suburbs, Rinderknecht has refuted, with a wink, the widespread public perception that the only way to survive the battle of the urban jungle is by driving an SUV. His preferred alternative is this compact, agile speedster that even comes with an integrated mini-garden behind the windshield. Many partner companies contributed their ideas to make this vision a reality.

ZF’s “Intelligent Rolling Chassis” (IRC) was used as the basic platform for this extraordinary vehicle. The IRC is a ready-to-go platform concept, designed for urban passenger and transport vehicles. It is powered by an axle-integrated electric drive and features an innovative chassis and a redesigned steering system. The rolling chassis is incredibly agile and intelligently networked to accommodate autonomous driving in city traffic of the future.

ZF wants to ensure safe interaction between the occupants and the vehicle, and achieve greater comfort during automated driving. To this end, the company has equipped the “Oasis” concept vehicle with an interactive, button/knob-free single-spoke steering wheel and active occupant safety systems that function as human-machine interfaces (HMI).


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