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Driving Safely into the Future with Networked Intelligence

  • At the CES 2017 trade show, ZF will unveil new technologies that help to enhance traffic safety and efficiency
  • ZF is increasingly moving in a digital direction
  • Intelligent mechanical systems across diverse vehicle applications

Las Vegas/Friedrichshafen. ZF, the global, integrated systems innovator and top-three global supplier is focusing on digitizing mechanical components, promoting e-mobility technologies and reducing traffic accidents and emissions. By developing advanced technologies and business models, ZF continues its journey as a key player in autonomous driving – for both passenger cars and commercial trucks.

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Driving Safely into the Future with Networked Intelligence

“Electromobility and autonomous driving are fundamentally changing the automotive industry at lightning speed,” says Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG in the run-up to the CES 2017 trade show. Rather than simply keep up, ZF intends to help dictate the pace at which major topics like safety and efficiency advance in the future. To this end, it is increasingly moving in a digital direction. “Digitization is already helping us to research, develop and produce faster and more efficiently. As a systems supplier for intelligent mobility, we are helping to make driving safer and more efficient. In our efforts to do so, software is becoming an increasingly important source of added value and a key distinguishing factor.”

“See – Think – Act” for intelligent mobility

ZF’s motto “See – Think – Act” reflects its active role across the entire automated driving spectrum, which ranges from sensor technology (“see”), software and powerful electronic control units (“think”) to actuators (“act”). As a systems supplier, ZF not only networks these technologies with one another inside the vehicle, it also enables them to communicate outside the vehicle: with other drivers and road users, utilizing local infrastructure systems and even the cloud. This expanded communication capability is capable of enhancing safety and automated driving functions in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

X2Safe connects all road users

ZF will unveil its X2Safe algorithm for the first time at CES. To help prevent accidents, this system issues early warnings to drivers and other vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists regarding potential collisions. X2Safe is the first development of its kind to enable cloud networking between vehicles and other road users, and it is easy to install. For ZF, this cloud-based algorithm represents another milestone in the digitization of mobility solutions. It is therefore one more example of how ZF is playing a pivotal role in the development of autonomous driving.

Intelligent fleet management with Openmatics

With its Openmatics telematics platform, ZF has already been actively involved in intelligent fleet management for several years. Openmatics cloud-based technologies have made fleet owners more willing to accept e-mobility solutions in their fleets. For example, it integrates battery charging cycles and other charging options into the vehicle management system. On top of that, ZF also supplies many components for clean, efficient electric vehicles, including electric motors for hybrid vehicles and all-electric drive modules.

ZF Press Conference at CES 2017
Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 8:00 a.m.
Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, Level 2, Lagoon Ballrooms I and J
Speaker: Dr. Stefan Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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