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Electric or Conventional: Openmatics Dashboard Makes Managing Car Fleets Easier

  • New app offers comprehensive fleet management tools
  • Displays geographic location and centralized vehicle data
  • From 2017, ZF will also offer its well-established system for passenger cars
  • Compelling proposition for car-sharing service providers, rental car companies or workshops
  • Cost-effective, efficient management of e-mobility fleets

Selective mobility could soon become more important than owning your own vehicle. The market is already gearing up for this trend with an ever-growing range of digital mobility services. The new app from Openmatics (the ZF Aftermarket connectivity specialist) can play an important role in this respect. It graphically displays the entire fleet on a single digital map which can also be filtered according to specific criteria. This paves the way for additional services – for instance with electric vehicles it shows the shortest route to the nearest charging station.

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Electric or Conventional: Openmatics Dashboard Makes Managing Car Fleets Easier

With the first manufacturer-independent telematics platform, Openmatics initially established itself in the commercial vehicle market six years ago. The Openmatics OnBoard-Unit transfers vehicle-specific data to a secure cloud database where web-based apps access this data and analyze it for users. This seamless interaction offers fleet operators tangible benefits. For owners of a mixed vehicle fleet, Openmatics provides an attractive solution by replacing the many different telematics systems used by vehicle manufacturers.

From 2017, Openmatics will also offer its service portfolio for passenger cars. With the new Dashboard app, Openmatics provides the functions of a fleet portal. The portfolio also targets owners of large mixed car fleets, primarily car rental companies and car-sharing service providers, workshops and insurance companies. “Vehicle manufacturers that do not want to invest in setting up their own fleet portal can also benefit from this new app,” adds Thomas Rösch, managing director of Openmatics.

Dashboard lets you display and analyze fleet vehicles on a digital map in real time. Various key performance indicators (KPI) can be used for analysis purposes. These may include fleet-specific and operational details such as the utilization of the vehicle fleet as a percentage or the total mileage, as well as vehicle-specific data. This data includes the actual location and information on error messages which may indicate future servicing requirements and downtime.

For a fleet with electric vehicles, Dashboard supports efficient charge management. The app displays the battery charge state and depending on requirements, the route to the nearest charging station. A similar function is already being used in the field to coordinate electric city buses in a major German city. Rental car companies could also use Dashboard for electrically powered cars to match their customers’ desired routes with vehicles available in the fleet. The remaining charge and the proximity to a charging station at the customer's destination are key criteria in this respect.

For conventionally driven vehicles, the Openmatics Dashboard offers customers the scope to develop new ideas that enhance customer service. Faster processing of vehicle returns at rental car companies is one potential option. The app helps the rental company to see which vehicles have already been fully refueled as they enter the parking garage. These vehicles are then directed to a quick checkout.


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