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Always The Right Drive Solution

* Precise and reliable: ZF drive solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

* Innovative and competitive: ZF special driveline solutions

ZF Friedrichshafen AG with its Special Driveline Technology business unit offers a wide range of industrial drives, brakes, and clutches for mechanical engineering applications as well as customized drive solutions. The focus of development and production activities is on servo-controlled transmissions for industrial automation, two-stage manual drives for machine tools and on customized drives.

The range of innovative products covers low-play servo-controlled transmissions (ZF Servoplan), robust two-stage transmissions (ZF Duoplan), as well as hysteresis applications that transfer torque without contact (ZF Tiratron). The product portfolio also includes two-stage planetary gearsets for escalator drives (ZF UrbanLine).

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Always The Right Drive Solution

Even under continuously high machine loads, ZF industrial drives work in a highly reliable and precise manner. These gearsets are so compact and so light that they can be easily integrated into any production concept. Minimum maintenance requirements and durability guarantee high availability.

ZF UrbanLine – Two-stage Planetary Gearsets for Escalator Drives

The ZF UrbanLine is a two-stage planetary gearset for escalator drives. In this design the drive is generated directly, making the duplex chains often used for power transmission redundant. The costly chain and lubricants as well as the oil traps required under environmental regulations can therefore be dispensed with. Planetary gearsets are virtually wear- and maintenance-free throughout their entire service lives. Downtimes and operating costs are correspondingly reduced. Thanks to its design, the entire drive system is more compact, resulting in greater overall escalator compactness. ZF UrbanLine planetary gearsets can be installed more easily and with less effort and are thus particularly suited for powerful motors and high input speeds. As a result of their high smooth running characteristics (56 + 2 dB), people or loads are transported gently and quietly; this creates driving comfort, which simultaneously engenders a feeling of security.

Another telling advantage is that unlike the worm gear pairs used up to now, planetary gearsets support energy recuperation – i.e. the energy can be recovered.

ZF Duoplan – Two-speed Manual Transmissions for Machine Tools

Precision transmissions of the ZF Duoplan range cover all standard performance, torque, and motor requirements for industrial machine drives. This means that the performance range of machine tools can be optimized and their energy efficiency maximized.

Today's machine tool must be highly versatile in order to cope with a wide range of materials. It is precisely for this reason that ZF developed the two-speed manual transmission of the Duoplan series. The ZF Duoplan transmissions are primarily applied in machine tools, test benches and in other applications that require a high torque. With their variety of installation positions, the transmissions can be used, for example, in lathes (horizontal B3/B5) or machining centers (vertical V1/V3).

In addition, the transmissions are used in various equipment in which an increase of the torques or a reduction of the speeds is necessary. High cutting speeds are needed for soft materials while greater cutting power is required for hard materials. This level of flexibility can be obtained through the use of a shiftable transmission. On the one hand, the high speeds of the drive motor in the direct gear ratio (1:1) are maintained and, on the other, the motor's drive torque is multiplied via the transmission (e.g. i = 4.00) and the speed is correspondingly reduced.

ZF Tiratron – Hysteresis brakes / Clutches and Safety Brakes / Clutches, Control Electronics (ERM)

Hysteresis products are based on the mutual attraction of magnetic poles in synchronous operation and on the continual reversal of polarity of a permanently magnetized material in continuous slip operation. As a result of the contact-free generation of torque, a high torque reproducibility is achieved and a significantly longer service life is assured, as there are no wear or leakage problems. In combination with control electronics, precise control of pulling forces and of torque levels is achieved.

ZF hysteresis technology finds application wherever products such as paper or wire undergo winding processes. ZF hysteresis technology can be used to simulate loads on test benches and in ergometers. In addition, hysteresis brakes are always the best solution for tension control.

ZF Servoplan – one Transmission with many Applications

Precise, dynamic yet robust and compact, these are the demanding requirements on servo-controlled transmissions in industrial automation. ZF Servoplan perfectly meets these exacting demands.

Planetary gearsets for industrial automation can be used in many applications. One- and Two-speed servo drives with ZF Servoplan transmissions are to be found wherever highly dynamic yet precise positioning is required. Rated output torques of 25 to 3,000 Nm are possible with different model sizes. Planetary gearsets for servomotors are used for packaging technology, in metal forming technology, as well as generally in machinery and plants.

ZF Single Disk – Single-disk Clutches and Brakes

Single-disk clutches and brakes are brushless and require little maintenance. A particular advantage is the double magnetic flux path of the armature disk, which uses the dynamic effect of the magnetic field two times over. Large torques are created by the small outside dimensions and the large through hole. Both friction surfaces are made of metal. These clutches are especially environmentally friendly, due to the absence of an organic friction lining, which is usually present in single-disk clutches. They are suitable for operation in both dry and wet conditions. The clutches and brakes reach their nominal torque after being run-in for a short period or after few shifts below the speed differential.

Thanks to their technical advantages, their simple setup, and their favorable outside dimensions, electromagnetically operated single-disk clutches and brakes, like the ZF Single Disk, are increasingly used for the automation of mechanical processes in textile machinery and medical technology. Their application ranges from the drive circuits of systems with uneven loads to the precise controlling of working cycles with high shift frequency.


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