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ZF and TRW-Lucas to Join Forces at the Intermot Motorcycle Trade Show

  • ZF and TRW-Lucas to share booth at Intermot 2016 in Cologne
  • Motorcycle industry also benefits from the Power of 2 with products from ZF and ZF TRW complementing one another for greater comfort and safety
  • ZF’s and TRW-Lucas’s broad product portfolio ranges from damping and clutch systems to electronic and braking components, rearsets, handlebars as well as motorcycle accessories

Friedrichshafen/Cologne. ZF and TRW-Lucas will be joining forces for the first time at this year’s Intermot 2016 motorcycle trade show, which will be held from October 5 – 9 in Cologne. For several years, ZF has been developing and producing a broad range of damping modules and electronic components for motorcycles. As a result of the acquisition of TRW last year, ZF now also offers an expanded product portfolio in the motorcycle sector.

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ZF and TRW-Lucas to Join Forces at the Intermot Motorcycle Trade Show

Many motorcycle manufacturers – from Aprilia to Yamaha – have fitted ZF motorcycle products for a number of years and therefore know and trust ZF’s expertise when it comes to chassis components. The company is now joining forces with TRW-Lucas for the first time at the Intermot 2016 motorcycle trade show to highlight its motorcycle product portfolio – more comprehensive than ever since the acquisition of TRW. Intermot 2016 will be held from October 5 – 9 in Cologne and the ZF and TRW-Lucas booth, number D041, will be in Hall 6.1. While the ZF brand will focus on damping modules, TRW-Lucas will present its braking and clutch components, rearsets and handlebars as well as other accessories.

Motorcycle industry now benefits from the Power of 2

The competences of ZF and ZF TRW are mutually complementary in the motorcycle sector as well as in the passenger cars and commercial vehicles. With additional expertise from ZF TRW in braking and clutch components, ZF is now ideally positioned to offer comprehensive solutions in this market segment. The shared expertise will also play a role in the design of new products. Engineers from ZF and ZF TRW are already working closely together to develop innovative motorcycle components for greater safety and comfort. For example, ZF engineers are using braking components from the TRW-Lucas brand in their test vehicles for new damping systems. Several of the products developed as part of these cooperative efforts will be celebrating their premiere at Intermot.

Safer at any lean angle

The cornerstone of ZF's motorcycle portfolio is its adaptive damping system Continuous Damping Control (CDC). The company adapted this passenger car technology for motorcycles for the first time in 2012 and has since continued to enhance the system for motorcycle applications. With a comprehensive portfolio, ZF is once again reinforcing its claim of enabling vehicles to see, think and act in the world of motorcycles. CDC continually adapts the damping force to the respective road conditions and driving situation – from roads full of potholes to braking maneuvers and driving with or without a passenger. It is therefore the perfect answer to dynamic driving challenges and complex vibration behavior. The CDC is controlled by an electronic control unit equipped with sensors that analyze the driving situation and a sophisticated software that calculates the ideal damping force in a matter of milliseconds. A proportional valve in the damper regulates the oil flow and thereby the damping hardness. The intelligent mechatronic system offers many advantages for motorcyclists and simultaneously enhances safety, comfort and dynamic driving.

Systems and components for motorcycles

Aside from the CDC, ZF will also be showing other products from its broad damping systems portfolio including its Nivomat ride-height control and other steering dampers, telescopic forks and suspension struts. TRW-Lucas will be presenting a comprehensive assortment of braking components, clutches, rearsets and handlebars as well as perfectly designed accessories.


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