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Economical Repowering Solutions From ZF

  • ZF repower package superbly suited for retrofitting into urban and regional transport trains
  • Up to 20 percent fuel savings with ZF’s automatic reversing transmissions
  • ZF offers extremely compact solutions where the gears used for reversing the direction are integrated in the variable-speed transmission or the axle drive

Repowering is a thought-provoking concept: Renewing the driveline with modern ZF transmissions is an extremely attractive option for economic as well as environmental reasons.

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Economical Repowering Solutions From ZF

High fuel prices are presenting rail operators with constant commercial challenges. Fuel costs for Diesel Multiple Units account for more than two thirds of the total vehicle life cycle costs (LCC). Ever greater importance is therefore attributed to low LCCs in combination with longer life cycles. An economical solution to these demands is available by repowering, i.e. replacing outdated inefficient hydrodynamic transmissions with more modern and cost-efficient driveline components.

In this sector, ZF offers a series of solutions where the gears used for reversing the direction of motion form an integral part of the variable-speed transmission or the axle drive. This includes repowering with the automatic reversing transmission which is a further development of the tried and trusted automatic transmissions ZF-EcoLife and ZF-Ecomat, perfectly tailored to fulfill the requirements of rail transport. With these solutions, the operator can be sure that he is using a solution without third-party patent claims.

These automatic transmissions have been used worldwide in bus transport for many years already and have also proven themselves in many rail vehicles. With extremely efficient torque converters, close-stepped gear ratios always keep the engine in an economical speed range; the higher efficiency that can be found especially at low to mid vehicle speeds greatly reduces fuel consumption and fuel costs. Flexible gear-shift programmes can also be adjusted to benefit the train acceleration profile.

ZF offers rail operators a range of axle-drive variants with and without reverse transmissions, and thus complete driveline packages. These combinations have deliverd reduced fuel consumption up to 20 percent when compared to hydrodynamic transmissions.


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Head of Marketing and Business Development

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